Chicago PD Review: Kiss and Tell

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Hot and heavy were in the air on Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 10, with Ruzek and Burgess and Kelly and Erin making a go for lip locking.

In a somewhat surprising move, Kelly makes a play for Erin after he comes in to the Unit to help assist in a case to identify a man who clocked Mills on a call.

Stealing Erin's paper weight as an excuse to go see her. It's a bold move on Kelly's part, but the chemistry is undeniable. There's heat for days and even some use of the tongue as their kiss continues. Someone give Station 51 a call, Erin's apartment must have smoke billowing out of it by now. 

As much as Jay and Erin are electric together, the pairing between Kelly and Erin is just as strong. It's an excellent use of both shows, allowing the stories to continue to intertwine in an organic way rather than calls between the two coincidentally overlapping.  

Ruzek, meanwhile, is having some serious doubts about his impending nuptials now that he saw his life flash before his eyes and Burgess planting one on him.

With enough character deaths on television the past few weeks to last a lifetime, I'm pretty thankful that Ruzek was wearing his vest. Ruzek questioning his choices has been a long time coming. There's been a setting up as Olinsky and him being kindred souls, and if Ruzek is not careful, there's a chance he can make the same mistakes that Olinsky has. 

Burgess needs to be given credit as well. She could have easily continued and given in completely after planting one of Ruzek, but she realizes the errors of her ways and refuses to be the wrecker in the situation.

It takes a lot of courage to do that, giving a little extra drama and angst to the situation. Ruzek might want to continue, but until he sorts out his own house Burgess has taken herself off Ruzek's market. 

Jay's situation with the Rodiger family is finally coming to an end. I never once believed Jay was the killer, but with the way the father acted I never would have suspected it was him.

The man stood by his son through everything, but finally snaps when he realizes that his son has been lying to him as well about being a pedophile. In his conversations with Jay, Frank seems to have done the killing out of a sense of love and duty to his son one final time.

To free him of his pain and his sickness. It brings about a tragic end for a father who lost all hope for his son and out of guidance to give him. 

Finally, Mia Sumner earns herself a spot in the unit. Her presence brings much more formality to the unit, but it is still unclear if she truly is working on his own without any Stillwell involvement.

Nonetheless, the girl can kick some serious butt with a shotgun and she is not afraid of getting her own hands dirty for the Unit. If she is working for Stillwell, she's doing an excellent job of keeping herself off the radar.

Who do you like together more on Chicago PD?


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I was disappointed with the unit, Antonio helped him but did he have to really push, bitch-slap Jay, and then punch him just for the truth. Olinsky was great. Severide was not needed at all. He had no point in this story. Erin should have been there for a Jay like he always has been there for her. Eventually, we will get Erin and Jay. As anything with Severide will not last and I see enough of him on Chicago Fire, he needs to stay there


Honestly, I was disappointed that Erin wasn't there for Jay more. That is her partner. You have your partners back, no matter what, and she left him high and fry the entire time. Really sad to see the team not more behind Jay throughout the whole situation, it kind of made me upset and I felt so bad for him! Thank god for Olinsky going over there and just being there. At least Holstead had that!


Im glad the show isnt rushing the Erin & Jay relationship. Eventually, id love to see them get together, but for now im totally happy with her and Severide. Really lovin' this show!


Great episode! I like Ruzek and Burgess and definitely felt some major heat with Kelly and Erin. I think long-haul, I want to see Jay and Erin together but they seem to me to be this show's Casey and Dawson so it will probably be a very slow developing romance.

Sarah silva

2 weeks ago when I commented on the episode where we saw Rodiger dead, I said that it was his dad that killed him and I was correct.
I am glad that the storyline was not dragged out as I like Halstead and want him back with the team.
The only person that really seemed to have believed his innocence or at least sympathized with him was Olinsky. I liked when he went to Jay's house and he got the chance to ask him about what happened years about with him and Voight and that guy that disappeared.
Antonio did not want to believe he could have killed Rodgier and after a couple punches to Jay's face he believed him and gave him the file.
I think Lindsay was on his side as she gave him the number for the best lawyer but she did not check in on him.
Ruzek did not mind when Burgess kissed him. Then when he asked Olinsky for advice at the end just makes it even more obvious that he will not get married.
I knew Ruzek would be fine as they were all wearing vests. I really like Patrick John Flueger he is good looking!
I love Kelly BUT I think Erin and Jay would be a way better match.
I still have doubts about Mia, I do not think she will like the way Voight does things and will keep questioning him like she did when she asked if she should put the fact that he shot an unarmed man in the foot in her report or not! I do not think she is a good fit with the group and even though she says she does not work for Stillwell I think she does.
It was nice to see Mills tonight, so far the crossovers are working.
I noticed the tongue kissing too, I may be a little off base here but I did not think that actors used tongue when they kissed? Not that it matters just curious!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

My feeling on the tongue kiss is ...........You get the opportunity to French kiss Taylor Kinney......YOU TAKE IT!!!!

Sarah silva
@ Leesa

Ha! I totally agree about Taylor!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

In regard to using tongue, I think a lot of times, it's up to the actors and what they're comfortable with but more likely to be used on close-ups to seem more authentic.

Sarah silva
@ LizzyB

Very true, that makes sense! I think when you are trying to be romantic tongue kissing is more natural so if I was an actor I am sure I do the same thing!


Another brilliant episode. I am really enjoying this show and all the characters. Still rooting for Jay and Erin though.

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