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Family Guy: Watch Season 12 Episode 17 Online

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Can we improve our minds? Should we even try? Can we challenge our destiny? Can we make a make a pretty good joke about having an extramarital affair with a grapefruit?

Family Guy Season 12 Episode 17 says 'yes' to each and every one of these questions! Especially the last one.

Peter's decision to become an intellectual was an unexpected call for the Fat Man, but much like animated comedic dad Homer Simpson before him, he soon learned that being a smart guy is not all it's cracked up to be.

So do your part for your own well-being--watch Family Guy online, and get in on the smartest dumb show around.

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They nailed it when they called Tucson (pronounced "TOOSAHN") THE STUPIDEST CITY IN THE USA, where we have a 300 million dollar trolley to nowhere, a half-billion dollar black hole called Rio Nuevo, schools closing weekly, and a city council that has a collective IQ of a brick.

Family Guy Season 12 Episode 17 Quotes

Peter: I had an affair and I think we should talk about it.
Lois: Peter, jamming yourself into a grapefruit is not an affair.

Peter: Fresh air is bad for a kid. Look at Michael J. Fox.
Lois: What?
Peter: I don't know.

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