Mad Men: Watch Season 7 Episode 1 Online

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On Mad Men Season 7 Episode 1, it's January 1969 and everyone is getting used to their new roles.

Peggy is butting heads with Lou because she wants to give him her best, and also because she's hesitant to give Freddy Rumsen full credit for a good pitch.

Joan helps Ken by attending a meeting on his behalf and when it turns out to be more than she bargained for, she goes out of her way to get the information required to save the account.

Roger is having orgies while his daughter is attempting to mend their broken relationship. It is difficult for him to comprehend.

Megan has a house in the Hollywood Hills and Don is flying back and forth trying to keep their marriage alive. They are not doing the best job of it. Don is a shadow of his former self and what he's been up to is surprising.

Everything about the premiere is phenomenal. You don't want to miss it. Watch Mad Men online now!

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.. fascinating exploration (on Matthew Weiner's part): Don, suspended from work and still receiving his salary, rather than sink into an expected ? typical ? indulgent whirlpool (Roger-like, small orgies and drinking-- general unmoored-ness!) continues to work ! turn down flirtations ! even, "Cyrano-like" (mentioned in the script) forgoes recognition/credit for his work ! who would have expected this.. ?! my vote is that the character's identity is being shown as so inextricably tied to his job- that without it, he would crumble. and isn't that the essential question of The American White Heteroxexual Male ? the ways in which women are ?oppressed, disadvantaged, etc is, perhaps, more overt (or we are trained to think so). but what about the shimmering 'Ideal Man' embodied by Don ? doesn't cry. doesn't falter. and works and works and works. fulfilling the only definition of success allowed (earning power). that's a prison, too--


Mad Men Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Ken: How many accounts do I have?
Joan: Well, it's all of them.
Ken: It feels like more.

You really put the free in freelancer, don't you?