Reign Review: Mad Kings and Englishmen

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Guys, before we get any deeper into Reign Season 1 Episode 18, we have to talk about something important. We need to talk about the viper in the suitcase.

I don't know that I have ever loved anything on this beautiful, cuckoo-bananas show more than I have loved the viper in the suitcase - and I am saying that after watching an episode that featured King Henry tied up and wearing leather trousers.

I liked the viper THAT much. It was more than just delightfully demented (but. I mean, where is Queen Catherine keeping all her spare vipers so that she can get one on such short notice?).

The viper in the suitcase was a great metaphor for everything that's wonderful about Reign, which lives and thrives by its own deranged logic, and somehow makes it all seem perfectly natural.  #sixvipersandamovie

I know there was a lot of conspiracy and international intrigue in this episode, but once again, I could barely focus on it due to all the sexual perversion, attempted murder-by-reptile and Taming of the Shrew-style tension between Bash-Kenna (which, one again, led to all the best Reign quotes of the week). Where are you putting that wax, Penelope?

(My sympathies to any teenaged readers whose parents walked into the room right as that scene was going down.)

But if this hour did have a theme besides King Henry's leather pants, it was how quickly and easily we can turn into our parents if we're not careful.

Which is extra dangerous for Francis, because his parents are, you know, murderers.

The ease with which that baby-faced man-boy tortured James's footman and locked Mary up was truly troubling, and the seeming inevitability of his corruption by power a bit saddening.

Luckily, Kenna and Queen Catherine delivered some much-needed comic relief by tricking Penelope into doing weird sex stuff in front of a bishop and having her basically murdered. Like mother, like daughter!

Okay, fine, Catherine isn't her actual mother. But I've felt like she's spiritual mother for a while now - both of them are about the archest, hautiest characters found on The CW since Blair Waldorf hung up her headband.

With their withering put-down powers combined, who knows what Kenna and Catherine could get up to? They'll probably have the run of the whole damned court by next week.

Speaking of people who technically have the run of the whole damned castle...what do you think Mary's going to do after she gets out of that tower? Is this kind of treatment how one becomes someone like Queen Catherine?

And where does this all leave the court? Where does this whole mess leave France, in general? Do politics and the concerns of nations, instead of elevating us, actually turn us all into animals, reverted to our basest natures?

Also, did we just drop this whole entire "darkness" thing? Seriously? Aren't we still even a little concerned about it? It was on a murder spree as recently as two weeks ago!

And now that Olivia's gone, so is my hope that that subplot will ever be resolved. You royal jerks really don't care about the little people, do you?

Official Reign Fashion Watch: 10/10. I will follow King Henry's leather bondage trousers to the ends of the Earth.

But leather trousers alone do not a successful king make. So tell me:

Is this the end of King Henry?

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Lien nguyen

I love that Francis timed Mary out. He is acting like a MAN finally. I was not sure about Kenna and Bash, but really love it now. Kenna and Bash is like Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. They work because no one saw that it was coming. Queen Catherine may be a viper, but she is so good at it. I do feel bad for Olivia and Nostradamus.


Hey,not sure if I have right show from last nite,but did I hear Lorde's music in the sound track? Have they used her music before? Really like her.

Lien nguyen
@ reality adictt

Yes, that is the song Royals by Lorde.


Well, he locked Mary in the tower because of his love for her. I don't think it was easy for him. It pretty much mirrored when Mary had left Francis due to the prophecy because she'd rather protect him than see him die. Here Francis is choosing to protect Mary rather than risking her death. Ah, you didn't say anything about Lola's situation! I'm trying to figure out what's going on with Lord Julien...


I thought all the story lines were great last nite except for Mary/Francis. Francis gave Mary a time out in the tower which she truely deserved. I didn't see it as Francis showing some kind of dark side but showing how much he deeply loves Mary. He was willing to risk the collapse of his court to go to Scotland to help Mary save hers. What he did want is to make sure Mary was safe. Mary drives me nutts. Francis has always acted with her best intrests in mind,yet she continues to challange and push his buttons. I think even Bash see's it. She is always flip/flopping between love and country. Now she isn't even sure she want's to have a baby? I'd leave her in the tower for awhile.


I find the whole king debacle quite amusing. And while I was a Bash and Mary fan, I really think Francis is doing this because he's crazy about Mary.
Bash and Kenna are amusing though. And I'm intrigued by Lola's storyline.


The Vatican is relying on King Henry to return England back to the fold. They'll turn blind eyes to his, em, antics.

Reign Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Bash: We're married. We can't be unmarried. I thought we agreed to at least try,
Kenna: How romantic.

You love a girl! You don't love a queen, or you would allow me to be one!


Reign Season 1 Episode 18 Music

  Song Artist
Royal wood forever and ever Forever & Ever Royal Wood iTunes
Vitamin string quartet royals Royals Vitamin String Quartet iTunes
Song Blue Blood Laurel