Shameless Review: I'm Still Here

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I laughed, I cried... and then I went into total shock, capping off my viewing of Shameless Season 4 Episode 12 with the biggest grin ever.

Spoiler Alert: do not read ahead if you don't want to know the ending.

Fiona's Drug Test

Jimmy/Steve is ALIVE. After allegedly being killed off by the Brazilian mafia at the end of Shameless Season 3, something the writers basically confirmed, none other than Justin Chatwin made a drive-by appearance during the credits of tonight's finale.

Apparently he goes by the name of Jack now too.

According to the Twitter-sphere, this was such a big secret that star Emmy Rossum didn't even know about it! 

I admit that I, as well as some other fans, had been holding out for a Jimmy/Steve appearance all season. First, when Fiona made bail in Shameless Season 4 Episode 6, and then this week when she got released from prison, I hoped he was there. It just goes to show that sometimes the best things get saved for last!

When I initially thought about what to title this review, I was going with a very "Family First" vibe, but something about the way Frank stood with Carl in the middle of the frozen tundra of Chicago yelling "I'm still here" just made me rethink that.

Then the reappearance of a supposedly dead character? Yeah, "I'm still here" won out.

But that's the Gallagher family in a nutshell. They go to hell and back and they are still here and more importantly there are still here for each other. 

Shameless Season 4 did not kick off that way. Everyone was over Fiona, Carl and Debbie were growing up and too busy to care. Ian was MIA. Lip was at college. Things felt disjointed.

Then Mickey got pulled into things to help search for Ian, Sammi came into the picture, Sheila came back, and eventually and most importantly, Lip and Fiona made up at the end of Shameless Season 4 Episode 10

When Debbie came downstairs and started sobbing as she saw Fiona, I cried too. Even Carl got a little emotional.

Now the family is back together just in time to help Ian as the lows part of his manic depression made itself known. I love how Mickey insisted that Ian was not leaving.

We're taking care of him here. You, me, us. He's f**king family.

Mickey [to Fiona]

Mickey's character became such a huge part of this season and fans really took to "Gallavich." I, for one, am a huge fan of this duo.

Sammi was also an entertaining and necessary addition. I mean, who the hell else was going to take care of Frank at this point?

What's the point of getting a new liver if the damn thing won't do what it's designed to do?


Sheila and the whole Native American storyline really didn't do it for me, but Joan Cusack brings it with every performance she gives so I'm always glad to have her. I was thoroughly entertained when she and Sammi were going at it at this hospital, while Carl just slipped out with Frank and Chuckie waved goodbye.

I thought this episode was a great way to wrap up what has been an emotional season and it also left us wanting more for Shameless season 5. With the additions of Sammy and Mickey, and now Jimmy/Steve? Let's start the countdown. 

So how did you feel about the Jimmy/Steve reappearance?


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This is the best series I've ever watched and I've watched a few (62 yrs old) I like this show so much I'm thinking of buying a 6 pack of Old Style and I hate beer. I just recently retired and missed the first 3 seasons due to my work schedule, but getting caught up in a hurry on internet feeds. Gettin ready for an all nighter on season 3


I am so on board for Fiona and the diner's owner, you gotta love Jeffrey Dean Morgan voice and style...seriously!
I got used not to have Jimmy/Steve around...and I think that Fiona needs some serious grown up that can bring her to the next step...I am not entirely sure Jimmy/Steve is the right guy for that! not caring about Frank...but poor Carl...I really felt for him! he was in love...and it was kind of scaring seeing him with Frank sharing the bottle!!!! I know it's not the first time...but it looked kind of gloomy!


The funniest scene was when the Russian girl confronts Mickey about his baby and Mickey's sexuality with the dildo on. Then at the last part she says, "Either you take care of your baby or I stab you and orange boy in the heart with screwdrivers." Crazy!


I will miss my Sunday evenings without Shameless. Interesting new show Penny Dreadful & new season of Californication... But Shameless is unique.
Frank will lose his new liver if he starts back with the bottle again (anti - rejection meds will get fouled up). So not really sure where the writers are heading with his character.
Hope Lip & Amanda stay together. Can't wait till January but let's hope Showtime ups the start date to November. They've been known to move time slots around.


Amazing episode. Love the Carl and Frank scene, LOVE that Jimmy/Steve is back, i was really hoping he wasn't dead. And love Ian and Mickey. Can't wait for the next season


I am so glad that 'Jimmy-Steve-Jack' is back.
I think Fiona needs him! She really went 'out there' when he left like that. Again. I wonder though if Jimmy can support Fiona's Sobriety... Very excited about the next season. Hope that Jimmy can get honest with her too!


I am so THRILLED! I held out hope all season that he would return. I knew that there had to be a reason that his death was never actually stated on the show! I am just sad that his return was in the last two seconds and now we have to wait for season 5 to see how that turns out....which is going to be when?!!?! I also hope that we are not dealing with another situation that he comes back in a relationship! I want them to be back together, all in, for real. But I must say I was so happy to see his lady friend. As a HUGE Dollhouse fan I am more than happy for her to join the cast (just not as Stimmy's girlfriend). Also was so happily surprised to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka. DENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!, yes he will always be Denny to me). I am not planning on getting attached to him though because let's be real, he is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he will die lol. I was so emotional over Ian's new illness but loved the Mickey and Fiona scene. Also loved everyone being so accepting of Mickey at the Alibi and toasting but buddies. I will say that I am really upset that we didn't get a Fiona/Vee scene before the season closed out. I loved that Carl and Debbie seemed to finally forgive Fiona and the emotional moment between the three of them (and Liam) was adorable and heartbreaking. Am I the only one who REALLY REALLY wants them to kill off Frank? Yes I know he is hilarious but it is his time to go. He has fulfilled his purpose on the show and him leaving will really leave room for the younger cast to shine. Plus let's be realistic here: 1. IRL he wouldn't have gotten that transplant because you are not eligible for a transplant until you are sober a certain amount of time and it would have been well documented that he wasn't and 2. He is drinking again, with all those risks it poses because of him being on the anti-rejection meds. Come on!!! Well anyway, for a season that started out so weird it ended so strong and I cannot wait for it to come back!

@ kandi1212

I want Frank dead too...I skipped all his scenes this season...I thought his storyline was quite boring!


Great season finale. Final scene with Frank and Carl was great. Hope Carl gets his girl back next season. Lip looks like he will be caught up in love triangle to start new season. The whole gay,lesbian S/L should be fun to watch.
I agree that despite her new self awarness,self improvement pitch ,Fiona will probably hook up with new boss/recovery buddy by second episode next season. Don't know how olf flame will figure in. Are we suppose to know who the girl that was driving the car is?
Hope Debs can hold on to her virginity for at least one more season.


So happy Justin Chatwin is back!!! Also Mickey is my new favor to character on this show. He has really grown since the beginning and I love how much he loves/cares about Ian. Can't wait for next season!

@ Maria

Mickey is awesome, and I am happy that Justin Chatwin is back also. It's going to be a very long 9 months until we get new episodes!


NO WAY THAT FIONA SHOULD GO BACK TO WHATEVER HIS NAME IS!!!. She needs a man and not a boy, that she can trust and depend on. Here's hoping it is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He looked great and I hope he ends up with her for the long run.

@ Bennington

It would be awesome to have Jeffrey Dean Morgan join the cast!

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Shameless Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Mental illness Russian Roulette with Monica's DNA as the bullet.


We're taking care of him here. You, me, us. He's f**king family.

Mickey [to Fiona]