Supernatural Season Finale Review: Raging Dean

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There’s just something about a Supernatural finale that knows how to reel it all back in and gear up excitement for the following season.

Where the fantastic Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23 initiated the visually stunning fall from Heaven, Supernatural Season 9 had the task of dealing with that fallout and the angels on Earth. Oh yeah, and with Metatron trying to become the new God.

While I liked certain aspects of the angel storyline (definitely actor Tahmoh Penikett as Gadreel or Castiel learning to be human), as the season progressed, I grew a bit tired of all the factions and the less than memorable angels.

And where Metatron had been such a cool new villain, it was as if the show couldn’t quite make him menacing enough. Yes, he gave the go ahead to kill Kevin, but it was almost as if the series turned him into a smarmy angel obsessed with getting everyone to follow him.

He was always just OK, but never the same as a Lucifer or Azazel.

So when a good portion of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 23 featured Metatron as Marv, performing miracles and getting the homeless people to (easily) kill for him, I was disappointed. Not only was it surprising that he only just started to try his hand as this Messiah, it felt a bit rushed as well.

That’s no fault of Curtis Armstrong, who I liked in the role and who provided some nasty villainy when he could (some of those intense stares and glares were spot on), but there was just something about Metatron that wouldn’t allow him to escape his scribe status. And maybe that was the point.

But I really enjoyed seeing him take on Dean, stop monologuing about writing the story and show just how powerful he had become. Dean may have had the First Blade, but Metatron had the Word of God.

That meant Dean got the crap beat out of him right before a shocking moment when Metatron sunk his angel blade into Dean’s chest.

I had a feeling something like that would happen, but not to worry. On Supernatural, death isn’t death.

Really, Dean’s quest and struggle with the Mark of Cain was intriguing. It was great to see him with some powers and fighting for his brother to take out the big bad.

It was good to see him easily escape his “cell” and team up with Crowley... but it was even better to see him ditch Crowley for his brother.

Sure, all the rage and intensity of the Mark of Cain added to Dean’s character, yet it was the brotherly moments that really shined through.

From Sam and Dean preparing to go into battle together as a team (even if they ultimately didn’t) to the truly emotional moments of Sam telling Dean he lied about not wanting to save him or even Dean telling Sam he was proud of "us," it was like a dramatic ripcord had been pulled between the two in a short lived reconciliation for the brothers.

And it made me love it even more, no matter how tragic the moment watching Dean die (again), to see Sam do the predictable and prepare to dive right into some messy and unfortunate deal to save his brother.

I guess you could argue that some of their reunion as brothers was rushed in the sense that the season dragged out their argument, but at the heart of Sam and Dean was that brotherly bond and willingness to do anything for each other, no matter the “fight” they might wind up in.

Was I surprised that Castiel didn’t rush down to try and save Dean? A little, but I guess he was so far on his own quest to stop Metatron (although kind of a lame win in the whole “I caught you saying something and everyone heard but you didn’t know” trick). And maybe he knew it was too late to save him?

At least that Metatron storyline was wrapped up, Gadreel made the ultimate (but obvious) sacrifice and Heaven can be restored with its winged beings.

So to see Crowley start his own final monologue talking about the Winchester predictability (he seems to have such a soft spot for them, doesn’t he?) as he stared at Dean’s lifeless body had me curious as to how it would close.

We all knew there would be a Supernatural Season 10, but would it really just be Sam saving Dean again?

Instead, (and while I could feel this moment coming) Crowley told more of Cain’s story and reveled that Cain too tried to die rather than carry the burden. And in a brilliant and memorable shot, as Crowley placed the First Blade back into Dean's hands, Dean’s eyes flicked open with a pure black.

Yup, Demon Dean has arrived.

In the end, even with its own flaws (and sure, Supernatural Season 9 had some throughout), everything was pulled back together and the major story lines felt like that had come to a nice close. But it was those Sam and Dean moments, the characters that truly make this show, and the wild possibility and fresh take with Dean as a demon that’s hooked me once again.

And maybe that’s its own predictability, but I can’t help but want to see the Winchesters to the very end. And now I'm excited to see where the next leg of the journey takes them.

Are you excited to see Dean as a demon?

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So a day after reeling from the emotional roller coaster known as the Supernatural Season Finale I had an epiphany. Created the season finale was awesome. When Sam finds out Dean is a demon, wouldn't Sam pump Dean with human blood to make him human? I mean that is what they started to do with Crowley to close Hell. So Dean might not be a demon that long in season 10

@ Deb

I don't think he be demon for long I think Sam will save him


I wish John would some hoe come fix what he did to Dean by giving him this life. After all Mary apologized to Sam and he seems fine now, unless they bring that storyline back too. Dean doesn't really deserve to be a demon. An if it's going to all end badly next season, I hope they finally die together for real once and for all.


I don't think Dean and Sam want the traditional happy ending. For Dean to be happy all he needs is Sam. And vice versa. As long as they have one another they are happy.
Also Dean will have to learn to accept himself despite his ugliness. And Dean will see just how much Sam loves him despite him being a demon. Maybe this is the validation Dean needs to love himself. If they can get through this, they can conquer the world and be together.

@ Amanda

Stop trying to make wincest happen, Gretchen.


Remember last season they know how to cure a demon. It was the last trial that Sam has to complete to close hell. But if he does he dies. This will be interesting.

@ Hay6485

Yeah but remember what crowley said to him, as long as he bears the mark the only way he can survive is if he is a demon unless he dies. so i don't think it will work if he is cured as a demon but still has the mark of cain...ohhh its going to be so interesting to see how they figure it all out next season. we have to wait so long!

Sp mckenna
@ Hay6485

Hadn't even thought of that, but if that does indeed play into trying to save Dean, that would be very cool and an interesting story to see


You guys a missing a MAJOR part of Dean becoming a demon. Hes not just another demon. I believe he is now a Knight of Hell because of the Mark of Cain, and will now be Crowley's right hand man.
Cant wait until next season, Its going to be fun!
Its a shame Bobby is dead, as Sam could really use him right about now. I miss Bobby

@ Ryan

it feels like its going to be dean and crowley VS sam and Castiel (if he sorts his grace out). and will castiel lead heaven??? Because as much as sam will want to be there for Dean the only person who will be able to get dean through the next chapter will be crowley, but as always crowley has a hidden but not so hidden agenda.

@ Ryan

Kathy & Ryan: Great minds think alike. Read my earlier post below.......

@ Ryan

I think so, too! It's what Cain was, seriously powerful in Hell, created the Knights and the entire structure. So Crowley wants to re-build it with himself on top and Dean as his Knight - yes! Maybe Dean's dream in season 3 was a vision instead 'you're gonna die, and this is what you'll become'. Great continuity with the story's history!

@ Kathy

Cain did not create the Knights. Lucifer did. Like Angels, the Knights existed before Cain and other humans were created. And I highly doubt Dean is a Knight. They can only be created by Lucifer, and he is in the Cage. Secondly, Crowley would not tolerate another Knight.

Sp mckenna
@ Kathy

I actually thought about that dream scene. A moment like that from the past makes his present situation even more tragic.


I was not too thrilled with the stories in S9 that did not involve the Metatron/Abbadon protagonists. It was a lot of "Been there/Done that." What I see now is Dean's chance to tread where Sammy was. Remember that Sam went blood-sucker to amp up his exorcist/demon-killing ability. He had started life with demon blood in him and that demon blood is still there. Sam never really was purified of it. What Quadrille did for Sam was to repair the damage done by having Lucifer lurking and jerking Sammy around. What I think will happen is that Dean now gets to kill demons from the other side. I have to imagine that Crowley still has some housecleaning to do after Abbadon pulled a coup on him. Then, again, Crowley has one foot in the human world. He teamed up with Dean to go after Abbadon because of Dean's unshakable bond with his brother. Crowley actually admires Dean for his bravery and balls. He calls Sam, "Moose," because he sees his brother as a big, conflicted, and emotionally-confused drag along. Crowley always had more in common with Dean than Sam because of Dean's less than holy lifestyle. It makes sense. The Winchesters had Cass, an ally from heaven to help them carry on the family business. They had used Crowley also, but not as an ally, so much as a captive audience. Having tasted life as a human, maybe now that Crowley has go his old job back, it is not as fulfilling as it once was. What S9 demonstrated is that angels are not as "heavenly" as we all thought. They don't have free will and we saw how they would follow evil just as readily as they followed good. They don't think for themselves with a few exceptions. Remember, not all angels wnted to go back to being automatons. Many who fell to earth decided to live out their lives as humans. They discovered what made Man so special and decided that they could be that way. It would be nice to know what drives Crowley now. I think he's realized that being the King of Hell is not the big deal it used to be. I think he'd rather be a Winchester. He's always run from danger, but maybe he's learning that running towards danger for a greater purpose - such as saving your brother - is more challenging. We know that Cass is back for all of S10. I imagine that Crowley will be, too. Maybe this is the season when Dean begins to sluff off his whorish behavior and decide that booze, broads, and porn is so yesterday. Dean's been to Hell and back - literally- and he, himself, may have a few scores to settle with the locals when he was down there being tortured every moment. I doubt that it was only Alistair whom Dean hated. Anyway, I'm pumped for S10. Bring it on, Demon Dean!

@ Peter

Sam WAS purified of the demon blood when he almost died this season at least I thought that the show made that pretty clear that we finally now have a fully human Sam.
I liked the season finale, but I felt that it like most of season 9, didn't focus nearly enough on the brothers and waaay too much on Castiel"s angel story.
I was disappointed though that after all that build up Dean was so easily defeated by a worm like Metatron. I so hope that before he loses the mark and becomes human again that he manages to kill him.

@ Peter

Quadrille though?

@ Lucy

Gadreal or Gadreel, but I the sounds worked! I got it! and absolutely agree with Peter's analysis. Great storylines to come.


I wish that Castiel got his grace back. So that next season will be Angel Castiel, Demon Dean, and Human Sam. I still would love to see more of Crowley. The actor who plays him is awesome.


Demon Dean? hm. It feels like there will be a lot of seperate Sam and Dean storylines next season. I just want them to be brothers again, not be seperated


I hate that they have turned Dean into a demon. It's what he feared way back when he sold his soul to save Sam. It's a compelling story line but these brothers have fought evil all their lives. Now to become what they despise and hate?
It's tearing me up to see them go down this road. Dean used to have a lighthearted side now he's just pure soldier. Bring back the old Dean! Please. I miss him.

@ MickeyG123

What made this epic series is the relationship and humanity of the brothers. I hope the powers that be will eventually return our beloved Dean. Do not want to watch a whole season of demon dean- a fate worst than death for the character as well as the viewer.

@ MickeyG123

i agree with you. I;m depressed now

Ronald simkins

But I think that Gadreel gave his grace into Cass so that next season Castiel will be better than ever. But maybe we got too distracted with Dean and his drama with Crowley.