The Mentalist Review: Don't Believe Your Own Con

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Agent Abbott called Jane out on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 20 when he asked him, "How long are you going to let that go?" 

Jane's been conning himself, although he may not have realized it until now. He continues to repeat that he only wants Teresa to be happy and as certain as I am that that is true, if she were to move on without him he would obviously be miserable.

Even Abbott can see that.

But Jane isn't one to wear his heart on his sleeve and neither is Lisbon. I'm not even sure either one of them is being completely honest with themselves about their feelings. 

When Jane brought Lisbon coffee, he told her he didn't want her to go to D.C. but then quickly covered up his feelings by telling her he was afraid she'd be bored. The disappointment rolled off of Lisbon in waves.

Then there was Operation Jury Scam. First, there was Teresa's obvious concern at having Jane facing murder charges once again and her anger toward the prosecutor when she told the woman to go to hell during questioning.

Worse was finding out that it was all a con, or as Jane pointed out, a sting. Actually, he seemed quite disappointed that Lisbon didn't recognize the difference. But Lisbon was most upset about being shut out and lied to as she railed at Jane in this The Mentalist quote

Since when am I a target of one of your cons?


She wasn't just upset, she was furious and hurt. When she finally apologized for going off on him, Jane asked if Marcus had helped her decide she was wrong and that's when I knew we might get some honesty out of this conversation and it led to this…

Jane: I love that you're predictable.
Lisbon: Just what a girl wants to hear.
Jane: What does a girl want to hear?
Lisbon: I wish I knew.

They both looked so confused and so sad. If only the expensive bottle of wine would have helped. 

Speaking of which, kudos to Abbott. If I doubted that he was a Jane/Lisbon shipper before I no longer do. He's doing everything he can to push these two to be honest with one another. The problem is, I don't think they're even being honest with themselves just yet.

As for the case of the week, the mobster and the grand jury tampering was sort of dull, other than it gave Jane and Lisbon an Italian dinner to work out their issues.  I also felt a bit cheated when Fischer was shot.

I know it was only in the vest but if they were going to have an agent take a bullet, it felt like they should have spent more than ten seconds on the event. 

I was happy that the human smuggling investigation continued. The moment Cho unearthed the blood tests and the heart tattoos I figured it was connected with organ harvesting. What I still can't figure out is why Daniella was left behind.

One moment she seems completely genuine and the next I'm wondering if she's somehow involved. I really can't tell which it is.

Finally, Jane found the courage to knock on Lisbon's door. We can only assume he wanted to talk to her about her future over some cannoli. What he wasn't expecting was to find Marcus Pike answering. 

I don't believe that Lisbon loves Marcus but he is everything she thinks she wants…or should want. Whenever Marcus tells her things like, "I'll be here," it feeds into her insecurity about Jane because too many times in the past Jane hasn't been there. He's lied to her and run off and left her in the dark.

Yes, he' s had his reasons but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt.

So I was proud of Teresa that she just didn't let Jane walk away, that she stopped him and pushed for the real reason that he'd come to her door. Patrick's response was heart breaking…

I really want you to be happy and that is the most important thing for me that you do what makes you happy. Okay?


Patrick wants her to be happy. Lisbon wants to be happy. Then why do both of them look so darn miserable? Hopefully they'll figure that out before the season ends.

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Do you think Patrick Jane is in love with Teresa Lisbon?

Here is your first look at The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 21, "Black Hearts."


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Happy Mother's Day all. Just finished the third season of TheGuardian. Didn't want it to end. However, if it had remained on the air for a season or two more, we may not have gotten The Mentalist. What an awful thought that is! Here we are on another Sunday night. Since reading the interview that was discussed a couple of days ago, the cat is out of the bag regarding PJ/TL. No matter what happens from now on, we will know absolutely that each loves the other. I think the phrase is "in cannon", since all three, Bruno H, Simon B and Robin T, have all reveled it in real life regarding the characters. That spigot has been opened full bore, right? From now on it will be pretty interesting to see just how it will be handled. I think a combination of snappy writing along with a dose of adjusting to each other and some back story revealed should be a success. A little kind hearted scrapping between them for spice would add to the soup. 13 episodes or 22.......I will savor each one.


Re how Jane and Lisbon stop messing with each other and express their feelings: I remember an interview I (read? saw?) in which Simon, referring to Jane and Lisbon's pent up feelings, said they would "have to get it out of their system." That kind of suggests something more spontaneous and energetic than a little hug and kiss. However, given how the characters are portrayed, it won't be more energetic than that Erica kiss. Of course, THAT was one for the award books however decorous it was done. So we might get something on that order. But that was really hard to beat. Don't know if Simon, Robin and the writers can figure out how to stage something better than that.


Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! And Happy Mentalist-Sunday to everybody else! :-D


I am ecstatic that CBS renewed TM. I too am hoping that Jane and Lisbon will be together in the finale, and not drag this "love triangle drama" into season 7. I am hoping that we see more of Jane and Lisbon working on their relationship in the next season, and also more interaction of Cho (maybe a love interest for him) Abbot, Wiley and Fischer all working together, the way it was with the original team. :)


I'm surprised that Kim hasn't made some sneaky psychotic attempt to get with Jane while Lisbon is with Pike. Always sulking about asking questions about the types of women Jane likes and all. THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, KIM. You can have Pike when Lisbon's done with him!


What a great Mother's Day gift!


I don't know why, but I have a feeling they are going to play down the relationship. We'll know its happening but we won't get to see much. I think this relationship will be a long uphill claim. I think what we will see first is the two characters unraveling, slowly revealing who they really are to each other. I really enjoy the playful part of there relationship which will be greatly enhanced. So I'm guessing we'll see them walking eggshells first. Unless they are seriously caught up in some dangerous life or death mess with the bad guys. Then I can see Jane acting on all his feelings for Lisbon in the heat of the moment. Can't wait to see what happens! I'm going to put up a note that says; watching the mentalist, do not enter this area. Could cause harmful effects! 😖!


I can not wait to see their interactions with each other. How they will approach their intimacy. I'm sure this was a long though out process. I'm almost curtain it won't be a Rigspelt romance and will be done with a great deal of finesse. Each of these characters while in separate romances were not shown in there sexuality with their significant others. Their sexuality was always implied, not shown except for a kiss. So, I'm thinking that this is how they are going to play it with an emphasis on the relationship they already have in place.


Maybe we'll get to see more of Jane's carney past and visit his carney friends. That Sean Barlow guy has always bothered me as a potential trouble maker for Jane. There is so much material to work with there, and a carney environment would be an attractive visual setting for a 3 or 4 episode arc. Besides, Jane could get some good use out of his Airstream.

@ rationalgal2

Hey Rationalgal! Clink, clink the glasses, eh??? Let's hope for a full season of Jane and Lisbon background stories, tying up some loose ends and new adventures for our heroes! :-)
I could think of some good use of the Airstream too, LOL!!! ;-)


So happy to hear we get a S7, even if it's only 13 episodes. It gives the writers a chance to tie up more loose ends. Simon also needs time to develop Jane's character to be more communicative and closer to his friends. (I'll bet Simon wants that, bargained for that, and is why the series is being extended.) I just hope the Jane-Lisbon relationship solidifies before S7 starts so we don't get dragged through an endless will-they, won't they tedium. Get them together and be done with that so the plot can move along to other matters.

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