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19 TV Shows That Ask... Whodunit?!?

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There was a time when you knew what to expect from a procedural TV show. Those times have changed.

While some on this list fit the format that viewers became accustomed to many years ago - regular cast of good guys track the bad guys and solve the case... next episode please - they can now follow a format and tell an overarching story. 

From Rookie Blue and Major Crimes to Supernatural and Hannibal, there are unique aspects to all of the best procedural television shows networks offer. 

How do we determine the best? We vote on it! 

Flip through the slideshow to get a good perspective on what's out there and then hit the poll to vote.

The idea of a handsome novelist tagging along with a beautiful cop sounded like a good idea, and indeed it was.

What is the best procedural on television? Have your say!


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I don't watch Castle. I tried to vote for NCIS and my vote was recorded for Castle.Wonder howmany other mobile users that happened to.


Castle is my number 1, as it´s the only show from the list I watch every episode from day 1!
Also, in this order: Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Elementary, Bones.


My top three: NCIS, NCIS:LA, Criminal Minds.


Good lord. Castle is so predictably predictable. Let me write the script for the next one: Act One: Weird murder.
Act Two: Catch the prime suspect.
Act Three: Prime suspect didn't do it.
Act: Four: New suspect didn't do it.
Final Act: Find the real killer.


So many to choose from, Castle is my number 1, the cast chemistry is phenomenal.
Then, it depends on the day of the week and whether I watch it live or On Demand or TNT. Monday: Castle; Tuesday: NCIS followed by NCIS-LA. Wed-Thurs nothing in particular. Friday: Hawaii 50.


My vote goes to NCIS. Excellent Cast !


CASTLE, of course!!!
The only TV show I watch from the start.


CASTLE , of course! The only tv show that I want to watch.


There's too many to just pick one.

@ PattyBruce

Now you know how it must feel to be an Emmy voter! ;-)


Dear gods... there's a lot of quality shows on that list! And I can pick only one? Not fair! :)