Jonathan Slavin stars as Phil Mymen on ABC's new comedy, Better Off Ted.  Phil is a top research scientist at Veridian Dynamics and works directly under Ted.

Phil is married but seems fairly inept at that relationship.  He seems a little better at his one with his co-worker and best friend, Lem.

Phil is easily manipulated into doing whatever the company asks such as freezing himself in the pilot.

Phil Mymen Quotes

Phil: Blobby, like Bobby, only with an l
Lem: Don't name it or you won't want to eat it. Remember Chester the carrot?
Phil: Yeah, I miss him

Ted: At least meat grown in a test tube doesn't feel pain. Please tell me it doesn't feel pain.
Lem: We don't think so.
Phil: Yeah, although interestingly, it does respond to music