Belle of the Ball
Jenny Humphrey in "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" It looks like J is quite the popular girl!

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i want to know where that green dress it from! i want it. any ideas?


everybody talks about everything except the fact that her dress is waaaaaaay too big.look at her attentively.doesn't anyone notice that her boobs aren't big enough tu fill that corset. of course she is pretty and stuff, but they should have got her a dress her size.she looks like a with with no boobs.and the dress looks like it weights 200kg


Can someone tell me where I can get a green dress like the minion's furthest to the right?? I am looking for an emarald dress and this is the perfect one!!!


well..i hate jenny from GG Season 1...
she's totally annoying! i mean poor dan has sister like her..
she's become a queen all just because rufus married lily!!have everybody realizedd that?? she is just have a talent to make a design?and she is smartass..
and she is so forced herself to become someone in upper east side. eewwhh..
however BLAIR is truly a Queen!!!
i hate jenny!


i agree on the whole thing that nelly yuki said..


Also don't get how Serena is being mature, if she were she would at least talk to Jenny about how she can't support Jenny because of the way Jenny is treating a friend and step-brother so badly. I enjoy the show but I am thinking is DOES have a bad influence on people, after reading everyone's comments they seem to think Jenny, Blair and Serena are people you should aspire to be, if you really think about it they are awful people! It never bothered me that Blair was a bitch though because she usually gets punished for it but Jenny and Serena are just awful and rarely suffer any consequences!


I like it that Serena is being mature and not taking sides, but should she decide to, I won't mind. That social climbing Jenny Humphrey is so hateful and I seriously wanna smack her right across the face whenever I see her. I hate Jenny! Go Eric!!!!


Patty , Jenny is Serena's sister also.. maybe Serena doesn't want to take sides . and the "fight" between Eric and Jenny is foolish and childish so..


Umm isn't that green dress on one of Jenny's minions the same on it the promo?


Its mature to be friends with someone who is hurting your brother? I am not sure where you come from, I mean you're right in the sense that she shouldn't destroy Jenny but she shouldn't be friends with her or help her.

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