Chuck and ...
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... OMG. That is all there is to say about this picture.

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    We call them Chair. And we'll never forget the ups and downs that led to their love.

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    Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

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    I LOVE them SOO hot!!


    EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! thats gross they are sooo bad together (BLAIR AND CHUCK ALL THE WAY)


    i think its cute guys


    nooooo. please, NO.


    there so tryin the make nate and blair jealous
    we all know chuck loves blair and v wants nater back :P


    Instantly my heart screamed that when the picture first loaded as a thumbnail. And as I ever so (im)patiently waited for the larger size to load I was praying it was someone else. Another random bimbo that Chuck had picked up somewhere. My heart literally SHATTERED when I saw, for sure, that it was indeed Vanessa with Chuck. How did this happen, Chuck keeps sinking to new lows. The only reason V and C have chemisty onscreen is because they are f*ing each other off it. The onscreen/offscreen relationship only worked for Penn and Blake, and it barely worked. The show is going to lose even more ratings if this cat and mouse doesn't end between B and C. And i think that Vanessa's character is a mistake, she's ALWAYS getting in the way of other people's happiness. She was there in Season One to destroy Sarena and Dan, and then there again in Season Two where she effectively destroyed the happiness between Nate and Jenny..
    Also, they need to stop putting the show on hiatus for weeks at a time, more than anything the several week long breaks between shows is what's destroying the ratings.
    I know much of this has been said before by many others, but I don't care, just saying it myself makes me feel better.




    Ughhhh. There's just no excuse for that.


    I think 99 percent of us agree that........this is just gross! Ha! Thank goodness it does not last though. Or I really would have to switch to another program. Ummm, like the 90210 remake or something.


    what???!! im just gonna pretend i NEVER saw that