Chuck and ...
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... OMG. That is all there is to say about this picture.

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    Chuck and Blair

    We call them Chair. And we'll never forget the ups and downs that led to their love.

    Haven't you heard?

    Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

    Leighton Meester, Adam Brody Photo

    A new report indicates that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody just got engaged. Here's hoping.

    Chuck My Bass

    Here's a funny piece of Chuck Bass paraphenalia. Gossip Girl fans everywhere, rejoice!

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    dont know why but they look perfect off-screen...but on-screen......not so good....


    what the chuck?! :O


    I think this is a cute pic but I still dont want them together!
    I am a Chair fan but im happy to see what happens here because it is obvious that chair will be together...hopefully just sooner rather than later!!Although my one question about this pic is if this is to make Nate and Blair jealous then why are they looking like they are having a gd time IMO they should just kiss lets not get all smiley about it..haha One thing I really dont understand is why people have to abuse others just becasue they like a couple and want to voice their opinion. This is what the comments are for to give your input and maybe it is whinny and annoying but thats just the way it is if you dont want to hear it then dont read it! Everyone should respect what everyone else has to say!!


    I find so funny when people call Blair a whore, and defend Vanessa V is as bad as everyone in the show
    She just likes to play the victim and the good girl when she is sooooo wrong And about B being a whore... She had suffered enough, let her be
    Being in love and being faithful never helped her at all


    there is no way this is actually happening. like just no. i refuse to believe it.


    i think i just died inside...
    why would he make out withe V when he loves B???
    it's just not RIGHT!


    WTF? Chuck and Vanessa is just so random and STUPID! UGGH V is better with Nate or Dan! Just not chuck! Chuck and blair all the way!!!


    it shud be C+B and N+V but good luck 2 vanessa coming out alive after this happens....she better save herself frm Queen B!!




    I like these 2, plus they are together in real life.
    If this means theres hope for Nate and Blair then woo!!