Dan and Rachel
Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Rachel Carr (Laura Breckenridge) kiss on Gossip Girl. Scandalous!

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At least we knew G was bad.S,slap D in da face somemore!


This picture haunts me. Can it be taken off the homepage? Like seriously...I don't like having to look at it while scrolling the site. It makes me vomitous and angry.


i dnt rlly like dan...or miss carr for messing with blair but that was just so scandalous it was awsum, lol. && tlk abt the last 5 min... WOW haha


disgusting!every time i see this picture,i am absolutely angry!hate D!


ha, that was the hottest sex scene on the show:)
i hate carr and dan, but the shadows of them
taking off their clothes was just so goood..!
i loved that episode


i hate dan. always have. he has always been stupid and for the most part in the wrong. this is good for serena. now she can finally be with someone more mature. dan constantly thinks he is in the right.....and puts down people when he acts just like them! as for the whole mrs. carr thing....i hope she gets what she deserves and dan finally suffers some major consequences.


hmm. i agree with simi. dan is a hypocrite- a HUGE hypocrite. the only reason Derena were so boring is coz the only story line they get written in was getting together and breaking up. i just cant understand why it would be a huge deal that she left assron (aaron) for dan and then they stay together for a few weeks then nope. all over again. and i disagree (sorry) with blairessce coz he set those standards. in season one and start of season 2 he broke up with serena all those times coz he couldnt handle the lying, cheating backstabbing and 'wrongness' of the upper east side. but he is totally like them. i cant stand miss carr. she is a little hussy. i agree that she plays the victim of blair yet she is just as calculating- it is SO wrong to hang out with students. disgusting loser. so thats my rant :)


Don't make me your target for saying this but i luv Carr/Dan!
If you really knew me u would know thati'm a die-hard Derena+ Chair fan, however I was getting mega annoyed with this on/off "RELATIONSHIP" that was DS!They need sometime away from eachother with no interation at all and this i think is good for dan. It really spices him up a lot and now that he has done carr why does every1 hate him!Chuck does this to blair and I will admit we get mad but were not outraged by his actions! I think u guys think of D as the Goody 2 shoes, but no1 is perfect espeacially on the upper east side!U lot set dan majorlly high standards that no1 could live up not even D!


I hate Rachel all the way.She must die.Lol.
And Dan is soooooooooooooooooooo a hypocrite.He makes me sick.
But I do admit.Serena and Dan news was getting old.Boring.Makes me wanna yawn.But Rachel,She shouldnt of messed wiff Blair.Blair said sorry.Rachel is just a b****.


ok i know that serena and dan are over know but i think rachel and him went waaaaaaayyyyy to far a kiss i could understand but they went all they way. all i could say is both of them are SLUTS or in dans case a manwhore

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