Dan and Rachel
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Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Rachel Carr (Laura Breckenridge) kiss on Gossip Girl. Scandalous!

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    well what i feel iz that it was spicy...bt just for one niter....beyon that ..i think dan and miss carr gross...ew..!


    Somebody, please DELETE this picture?? makes me sick.. Gross.. DAN & SERENA ALL THE WAY!!!


    exactly my thougts. i believe that dan could quite possibly be the most annoying character on the show. except for vanessa. thats a given. and maybe jenny. racoon girl.


    exactly. OMG! Ms Carr is totally into DAN so much and its irritating


    I was just about to say the same thing, but i'sarahbass said it. Please, it's killing the Derena fans:(


    this picture makes me sick. can you please take it off of the homepage so i dont have to look at it all the time? this dan/ms carr thing is hella annoying.


    Dan and Miss. Carr is just totally weird. Dan is technically being a HUGE hypocrite. He says that all Rich Upper East Sider's are the same. They cheat on each other, lie, back stab, etc. But what he is doing with Miss. Carr is exactly what he said about the Upper East Side. I hate Dan so much!!


    I just threw up in my mouth. BLEUH.


    So when is serena and dan's SIBLING coming up in the show?
    Their brother is obviously not dead according to what the foster parents said when lily and rufus left.


    i thought rather than derena getting old, it was their constant "let's get back together for 1 episode" deal that was boring. and yet again, some made up rubbish about their "sibling" (who cares anyway?? THEY'RE NOT RELATED) has made them split up. oh and miss carr isn't even as hot as serena so why risk the whole teacher-student thing??