Good Serena
Serena has been trying hard this season, but that hasn't been enough to impress her friend Blair. Will their fight continue this episode?

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You're saying Serena isn't a whore? Wow... how is she not? state your facts that she isn't because there's proof that she is. She takes it from her mother...Queen of whores. Married 5 times and probably another 5 in the future.


if serena and nate started dating...blair would get jealous....she just has to or else i wont watch the show. i swear. b would not just forget about n because stupid chuck (sorry to you weirdos who think he's your bf-btw n is WAAAYYY hotter, even if you dont like him. stop fooling yourselves)


OK Serena is def not a whore. She may have some of the qualities but over all she is a bad girl gone good. Tho Blair is the total oppisite. She is the good girl gone bad. (lol love her song!). She even admits to being a bitch. They may be called 'frenimies' but they are really the best friends people could get. They just go so well together. Now that Chuck and Blair are dating its time for Serena and Nate to start dating. Then the NJBC will be complete.


Blair's not there for Serena? Like during the Georgina thing in season 1? Or during the Ponzi scheme thing in season 2? Or forgiving her for sleeping with her boyfriend? Blair was a bitch to SErena in the pilot because she was her best friend and SERENA JUST LEFT WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE ABANDONING BLAIR. From what we saw in the flashbacks, Blair had spent lots of time taking care and looking after messed up Serena. I can understand being hurt and scared when she was back. The writers screwed up in Blair's downward spiral storyline by showing Serena mainly act through Chuck (and I thought that was OOC), but even bac k in season one it was a repeated thing for Serena to kind of blow Blair off for her guy. So I don't see this is as a one-sided friendship at all, and I do see the writers screwing up. I love the girl's friendship and I happen to think this current storyline is hacky and kind of over the top for both girls...but come on.


Sorry but I agree with ChuckYou, I love both of them but Serena is a better person. Blair always treats Serena badly but she keeps coming back whenever Blair is in trouble or sad. Serena is sweet, caring and super nice to basically everyone (unlike Blair).
One of the most important basics for friendship is loyalty, and Serena is WAYYYYYYYY more loyal than Blair. Both girls made mistakes(especially S with N) but Serena is the loyal one!!! no matter how cruel and mean Blair is she's ALWAYS there for Blair(but Blair is not always there for Serena). I love Blair (I think she's funny and cool) but she doesn't deserve such a wonderful friend like Serena.


You saying Serena not being a WHORE is like saying Blair is not a BITCH. I'm sorry but I agree with Hn up there. Serena has put herself out there so therefore I think of her as that type of person who will sleep around whether that man has a girlfriend or not. The mistakes she has defines what person she is because she keeps doing them over and over again.


Uhmm...Well, the relationship between Blair and Serena goes a long way. They've been through a lot. They fought often and they made up. But in the end, they have the best relationship because they know each other's flaws and through the good, the bed and the ugly, Blair and Serena will always be friends. Now, in my opinion, I like Serena because she's out there, easygoing, easily excited, and in this season, she doesn't know where she's at and she's trying to find herself. She runs on her impulses and it captures people. She makes up her plan B. Now, I also like Blair, who's Serena's opposite; orderly, self-sufficient, calculative and trying to be perfect. She has a Plan B, C and D. Through that perfection, she will manipulate and control the people around her. When the plans backfire (and they did), Blair will retreat and try again. But even Blair found it hard to be Queen, when she gave Jenny that Anne Boleyn speech in "Goodbye Gossip Girl." So every once in a while, they'll have boys, life drama, and general maturing to do, but next to Chair, Blair and Serena are the perfect pair. They complement each other. Blair is a perfectionist who tries to be a bit more like Serena but finds out that the best thing is to be herself. She's also in her little Blair world, with her "staff" and her awesome boyfriend. B and S are growing up in different ways, but everything will be fine by the end. And Chair's children will be awesome and pretty. last thing. Poppy and Gabriel were crooks. We all know the story, but in the end, they were con artists. They were using Serena to get more contacts to get more money embezzled, but in the end, well, they got found out. As for Nate and Serena, well Nate screwed up (and he got chewed a bit) and he and Serena were drunk. Blair was very very mad at Serena for leaving her out during the hardest times in her life and she chewed her out, but the two made up. Blair and Nate tried mended their relationship, until our Queen realized her true love was Charles "Chuck" Bass. What brought Blair down at Yale was her strive for perfection, which was seen on her application; Serena's application had everything of spontaneity and fun. Serena is NOT a whore. She doesn't think often of her actions, or ignores the consequences. And Blair IS a bitch, but as with all bitches, there's a reason. She has a lot to live with and it's her comfort zone. The world isn't a pretty place and Blair knows that. Both girls are human, with feelings and weaknesses and they can only reveal with each other and through extension, the intertwined GG cast. Remember, "We're like the non-judgmental Breakfast Club."- Blair Waldorf. Thanks for listening. Can't wait for next week! And if you don't like it PTC, then please change the channel. Don't ruin our fun. XD


This is utterly pointless arguing about who we like more because both are reckless but I'm team Blair and you are team Serena and I need to study.


If you find it wrong to be with your best friends ex girlfriend/boyfriend, then you must completely reject Chuck and Blairs relationship, right? So basically Blair did the same thing as Serena did (which Blair also confessed in the Thanksgiving episode, season 1: "I learned from the master").


My point is: I don't like Blair being a bitch to basically everyone, especially to Serena. They are supposed to be best friends! Serena went to boardingschool without telling why, but Blair was about to do the same when she wanted to go to France. In fact, Blair should have been happy to have Serena back in her life, if they were so close friends, but she wasn't because she was jealous, which is completely unnecessary in my opinion, because Serena didn't even want to be part of a childish game called Queen of Constance. I really don't get why Blair is being so unfriendly to Serena. Yes, Serena slept with Nate, which is awful, but Blair forgave her (I still don't get why Nate got away so easy)! There was no point in being so mean afterwards, don't you think?

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