Hoodie But Goodie
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Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl rocks a hooded sweatshirt. What a cutie she is... or isn't. A lot of peeps aren't big fans!

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    I love her hair mmmmaaannn. I got meh hair cut like that yesterday buuhhh its like brown. she is pretty. ;)


    il suffit de taper gossip girl sur ebay usa et ta le meme hoodie


    Jenny is sooooooo hobo gone wrong!!!! She looks like she is half racoon ! and wats up with no name hobo trash bag on her head!!!!! Her hair was electricuted by white lightining and shirt has frickin child goth cartoon charaters!!!!! CARTOON HOBO GONE WRONG NETWORK!!!!


    i can't stnd ppl who say they hate jenny's new look i love it so much! i love her hair im so inspired! im gettin it cut just like it only alittle longer! i love her new look so much all her clothes.. specailly this hoodie i relly want o know where to get it..... ANYONE KNOW?????? UGH


    She really rocked what she is wearing and i love how shew lowered hereyeliner down as well love it! though she does look dead =/


    I LOVE Jenny's new look. She is seriously one of my favorite characters as is and I thought she was cute before but now? She is so damn adorable and the eyeliner makes her eyes pop. Its amazing and I love it.


    She looks good like this. Stop hating, I like her new look. Much better then before.


    is there a way to get a hoodie like that on the cheap??


    LOVE HER NEW LOOK.. it changes the whole perspective of her character... now i like her!