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Little Jenny Humphrey is growing up fast. Looks like she will be playing a big part in this episode.

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    Amanda Says:
    November 5th, 2009 6:11 AM Taylor Momsen's ever changing style in 3 years Cute in season 1
    Dyke in season 2
    AMAZING in season 3 SEASON 4? BYE BYE?


    she looks reallly pretty in this pic!!!


    I disagree with posts on the first page... I sure as hell don't miss her.
    In fact the sooner we see the back of her the better.
    Jenny's character for me this season has been totally ruined. They've basically ripped out the foundation of what this character was and changed everything about her. I accept that her character has "evolved" but they have basically done it over night, its too extreme.
    Also is it me or does Taylor look under-weight?
    I hope we don't see her in season 4, 3 seasons of her and I've had enough... she was tolerable in the first 2 but after the 3rd everytime I see her a part of me wants to jump into my television and push her infront of a limo.
    The writers now need to spend more time on the MAIN characters (Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, Dan) and concentrate less on the trivial ones like Jenny, Olivia, Vanessa...


    that hairstyle really suit her. Love it


    I was kind of happier when she was on her way to becoming a designer in season 2. now it just feels like her storyline has degenerated... still stuck in the same petty schoolyard squabbles.


    could her legs be longer? jealous!


    insnt it just a tad inappropriate looking like that at school..?


    this girl's a hoe. is she supposed to be at school? yeah right, like Constance would let her wear that.


    Ok then I'm kinda confused. Jenny also has black nailpolish... We've seen in the promo that hands with black nailpolish gonna unbutton Nate's shirt. We've seen in the previous picture that Vanessa has black nailpolish. But in this pic we see that Jenny also has black nailpolish. So the question is still unanswered:P


    miles and miles of legs