Mean Little J
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Will this be the last episode featuring Jenny Humphrey for awhile? What is the big scandal that runs her out of town? We shall soon find out.

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    Her legs look weird in this pic


    GO JENNY!!! i kno she has changed alot but nobody ever stays the same


    jesus christ what a fucking whore. i'm glad she's out of GG.


    Time for a new hair cut the hair extentions are a little bit dead


    Yeah, and Nate does not know what "Love" go figure.


    its strange...
    Next weeks episode it looks like everyone is going to be around Blair's place and for this episode it looks like everyone is going to be around Chuck's place?


    please, jenny doesnt "LOVE" nate, she's just obsessed with the idea of getting him.


    well if that guy feel the same for me i will...but the problem is Nate doesn't love Jenny at all...


    @Serenate I know what she did was wrong about trying to steal someone elses boyfriend, but wouldn't you do the same thing? I'm just saying when you love someone you do crazy things to get that person.


    yea they're all bitches but perhaps what Jenny does was just lame...Serena treats her well before she tried to steal Nate remember?When someone treats her well she'll fall in love i mean wtf? If she wants to fight for Nate, she doesn't have to do those evil stuff towards Serena! But i'm glad Nate doesn't want Jenny at all cause when she tried to kiss him and he refused to. In fact he only loves Serena and Nate treats Jenny just like his sister..