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Princesses and the Frog Pic
Serena in a photo from the May 2 episode of Gossip Girl. How will "The Princesses and the Frog" play out?

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serena does look disappointed that its all about blair now. :)


I love both Serena and Blair I like Jenny but not Georgina or Vanessa.. Keep those girls away!


Serena is jealous of Blair because she has dated so many random guys but none of them is as classy as the prince and now she has Dan too... that slut s surely trying to drag attention of d Prince... sorry Serena u r not enough pretty for dat


I think Serena will try to help Blair and show her that the prince is well nothing, but a frog. I bet the prince ends up hitting on Serena!


even though i don't like her character atm,
i have to admit....her dress looks gorgeous


serena is just became a childish as blair used to!
now blair is grow up! she is mature !


Omg i just thought of something. what if serena tries to steal louis because she doesn't want blair to get all the attention? i could totally see that happening... btw p.s if it wasn't obvious i hate serena with vengenance... bring back georgina and jenny please. x


LOL that's a good one!


Serena: Lets go have sex....
Louis: No thanks, not interested in sluts.

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