Grayson tries to put the moves on his sexy wine rep, Sara (Sheryl Crow).
Jules goes for a nice swim... wearing all of her clothes on Cougar Town.
We have to admit, this is our first car crash into a pool we've seen on television.
Sheryl Crow will recur on Cougar Town in the spring of 2010. Her character will get involved with Grayson.

Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Grayson: Oprah says talking on your cell while driving is crazy dangerous.
Travis: Does Oprah say anything about how lame it is for a grown ass man to watch Oprah?
Grayson: Nope, she loves us.

Laurie: She almost hit a cop.
Jules: It was a crossing guar. If it was a cop I would have slowed down when sure started chasing us.