Seriously. This show's got no shortage of them.
Serena, watch out girl. This guy does not really care about you.
What's Colin up to? When will his deceitful ways be exposed?
Blair makes a lovely queen. Don't you think?
Dan and Nate, shockingly, still have feelings for Serena. Who could have seen that twist coming?
Someone is out to get Serena for some reason. There's a lot of mystery surrounding this episode, but that much is not in doubt.
Can Gossip Guy join?

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Chuck: This comforter blocks out so much noise they could sell it to Bose.
Blair: This has got to end.
Chuck: I thought I just did.
Blair: That was the last time.

Serena: I know we agreed to wait, but it feels like life is just passing us by. It's not fair.
Blair: Life is tough Serena. Get a helmet.

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Music

  Song Artist
Blue moon Blue Moon Kendal Johansson iTunes
Song As Far As I Can See The 88 iTunes
Down by the water Down By The Water The Drums iTunes