When Marshall thinks Lily is pregnant and tells her she's been gaining weight, she goes nuts on Marshall.
Ted takes the leap after the rest of the gang does. The leap, of course, being from their rooftop to the neighbor's rooftop.
Barney and Robin finally come out and discuss their feelings in the hospital in the How I Met Your Mother season finale.
Ted wakes up in the hospital after being beaten up by a goat... a girl goat on last night's How I Met Your Mother season finale.
The overly hyped Ted versus the goat finally came to fruition during this season's finale. Did it live up to the hype?
Ted runs into his ex-fiancee, Stella (Sarah Chalke) and the man she left Ted for at the alter, Tony (Jason Jones) on the street corner.
A picture of Ted holding the infamous yellow umbrella from the Mother story. On last night's episode, "Right Place Right Time," Ted was holding it when he ran into someone very pivotal..
This is what Marshall and Barney look like as they pretend to be Holli and text Ted as they're wearing cheer leading outfits and reading architecture magazines.

How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Quotes

Barney: So I explained to her, I said Madelin, every single international conflict essentially boils down to sexual tension
Ted: Every international conflict?
Barney: Every single one, dude
Ted: So the crisis in the middle east could be solved by?
Barney: Gaza Strippers. Next.
Ted: Apartheid?
Barney: Apart Thighs? What else you got?
Ted: Cold war.
Barney: Ms. Gorbachev, Take Down Those Pants

You're right, super hot lady that my wife keeps telling me why you're famous but I keep forgetting

Marshall [to Kim Kardashian]