The ladies are all celebrate the opening of Victory's flagship store after the show. Victory couldn't have pulled it off without them.
A pair of very happy couples, Wendy / Shane and Nico / Kirby, watch their friend Victory's fashion show at the opening of her flagship store.
A close up of Victory as she kisses Rodrigo (Carlos Ponce) after her fashion show in front of everyone. It kills us that Joe was ready to propose and she kisses Rodrigo. We don't care how good looking he is.
Victory calls up the man who made it all happen, Rodrigo (Carlos Ponce), to give him a kiss. Oh Victory, why couldn't you have just given credit to Joe, the man that actually made it possible?
Victory walks down the runway in her main dress for the finale of the debut of Victory Ford's latest fashion line. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress.
We get a zoom in on the incredibly cute Kirby as he shows up to join the group to watch Victory's fashion show. And, Nico, you thought he wasn't going to make it?
Joe comes to sit with Nico, Wendy and Shane so he doesn't have to sit alone. All Wendy wants to know is why Joe went to Nico for advice.. Wendy's been married the longest!
Victory's fashion show finally begins after eight million hiccups. It looks like Victory and friends managed to pull it off just fine without Dahlia.

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Roy: You want some lunch?
Victory: What? Why?
Roy: I thought you'd like to eat something besides your finger nails and crystal light

Who cares what he thinks? He looks like Orville Redenbacher

Dahlia [about Roy]

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
I remember I Remember Rosey iTunes
Sweet lullaby Sweet Lullaby Wunmi iTunes
Paid my dues Paid My Dues Anastacia iTunes