Roy: Where did you get the idea for the wine?
Victory: My Aunt Betty had a hole in her lip. Everything she owned had a stain, but she made it work

Wendy [to Joe]: You should have come to me first, I've been married th e longest
Nico: You got engaged with a plastic ring from a Coney Island vending machine
Wendy: It's romantic
Nico: Only because the claw didn't pick up a troll doll

Nico: Why is this so complicated?
Wendy: Because you were in junior high when he was conceived

Nico: I thought you got a haircut at 2
Kirby: I did. It's 3:30. Did it already grow back?

It wasn't a pitch, I got ambushed by a fetus in Ferragamos


Joe: what do you think?
Ellen: i think if i made a quick dash for the door i think i could retire comfortably in the Bahamas

Joe, you built a fortune taking risks. I think this one's worth taking


I gotta pitch to someone who knew Paul Newman had a career before a salad dressing


...and the lighting, did we have to pull someone off tour? Steven Tyler is not going to look good under 60 watt bulbs

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