Megan is not happy tonight. Without the girls having a mom, Megan feels obligated to take on the role and protect poor Rose.
Megan and Jacob have a very private date at his house. Will Megan loosen up or be as stiff as a board tonight?
After Megan gets some fashion advice from Marco, she's ready for her date. It's been a little while for Megan so forgive her if she's nervous.
Megan stops Max on his way up to "study" with Rose. She asks him does he even care about Rose. What do you think the hornball says?
Jacob Cassidy looks extra good as he brings over a bottle of wine and 2 glasses on his date with Megan. Just how will their sex date go?
Megan and Marco talk by the pool about poor Rose and her poor choices. Without a mom around, Megan feels like taking on that role with the girls even if it's not her job.
Oh Charlie, your smile could light up our Christmas tree for months. When will you tell Megan how you feel?
Marco is busy whipping up some advice in this scene. In this episode he gives advice to both Megan and Charlie. When will you help us Marco?
The girls return from Rose's late night rescue mission of Sage with some ice cream. So what happened with Max? It's private.

Privileged Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Rose: I needed a specific kind of porn... Can we go back to chemisrtry?
Megan: Why do you need a specific kind of porn? Why do you need any kind of porn. Why is porn a need? Why can't I stop saying porn?

[quizzing on Chemistry]
Megan: What is lithium?
Rose: An anti-depressant?
Megan: I was going with alkali metal...

Privileged Season 1 Episode 4 Music

  Song Artist
Cherry lips Cherry Lips Garbage iTunes
Song Why Did We Fire The Gun? Waldeck iTunes
Cassandra Cassandra Paper Rival iTunes