I'm talking about good old fashion self respect... kinda big in the 90s... i hear it's making a big comeback


Just cause that ship has sailed... doesn't mean it has to sail every time


Oh my god, you're on a pay phone. Do you have any Purell on you?


Your friend...parsley...sage...the tall one!


Megan: I had this whole speech planned...
Marco: I'm sure it was good
Megan: Instead I let her watch porn and called her a slut

Megan: ...she was gonna have sex with Bobby Gardner
Marco: the gardener?
Megan: We didn't have a lawn, much less someone to keep it neat

Megan: Who told you I was dating someone?
Will: Marco, the original gossip girl.

Charlie: She bought porn? Who buys porn anymore? It's all free on the internet
Megan: Cost is not the issue here

Megan: Which one do you prefer? And i'd like to remind you, I am a very vulnerable girl who's about to go on her first sex date in two years so mocking would be in very poor taste
Marco: Way to knock the wind out of a girl's sails

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