Luis and Sage manage to make up from their silly little fight and solve all their problems with some passionate kissing.
Will embraces a very sad, sobbing Megan, who feels guilty for leaving her sister in jail and not bailing her out.
Rose's boyfriend, Zach (Dave Franco) comes to bring Rose a gift and when Rami answers the door the two have a hilarious encounter.
Megan, her parents, and Will sit down to discuss whether they should bail Lily out of jail for $25,000 or not. Megan's dad, Arthur (John Allen Nelson) wants to take the tough love approach and not.
Megan comes to visit her sister Lily at jail. Lily's been busted for drugs in her hotel room that belong to her husband Sammy.

Privileged Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Marco: oh yes, you and the feisty twin have finally found love. Funny how that happens just as Keith decided to terminate ours
Luis: yeah i heard about that, sorry man
Marco: it's okay, this way the world maintains a love hate balance. I'm happy for you two high school musical looking misfits

Rose [referring to Sage and Luis kissing]: They look so cute
Rami: It's about damn
Marco: What is ... oh look, happy people. Alright that's it, show's over, nothing to see here!
Marco [to Luis]: You, easy to replace sous chef, hands off the queen bee and get back to work.
Marco [to Sage]: and you trouble with a capital S, stop distracting him. Young love, makes me sick