As far as nerds go, you're even cooler than Michael Cera

Rose [to Zach]

Why would you lie to me so early in our relationship? I mean that is something you do in like week two when things get really hard

Rose [to Zach]

If Rose were a serial killer, Sage would just stay in jail to braid her hair


Rose: Megan do you know anything about knives?
Megan: Okay, i don't like where this conversation is going already

Zach [seeing Rami wearing the same suit]: Oh you wear the same outfit as my debate team, that's cool
Rami: Yes, excuse me while i go set fire to mine

Marco: oh yes, you and the feisty twin have finally found love. Funny how that happens just as Keith decided to terminate ours
Luis: yeah i heard about that, sorry man
Marco: it's okay, this way the world maintains a love hate balance. I'm happy for you two high school musical looking misfits

Rose [referring to Sage and Luis kissing]: They look so cute
Rami: It's about damn
Marco: What is ... oh look, happy people. Alright that's it, show's over, nothing to see here!
Marco [to Luis]: You, easy to replace sous chef, hands off the queen bee and get back to work.
Marco [to Sage]: and you trouble with a capital S, stop distracting him. Young love, makes me sick

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