Turk takes the new intern Derek (Lee Thompson Young) under his wing in last night's episode of Scrubs, "Their Story II"
Sunny, Katie and Howie are about to learn why you do not touch the Janitor's cart under any condition. Sunny, meanwhile, is busy counting... how many friends she's made.
J.D. re-uses a flashback as he and Turk walk down the hallway strutting their stuff. Only this time it's J.D. that's shirtless because he's been working out.

Scrubs Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

You know you shouldn't throw produce, it's dangerous, I had a cousin that was killed by a head of lettuce. True story. Well not the head of lettuce itself so much as the pack of sewer rabbits he stole it from


Turk: You can try and emphasize instead of giving Derek here the googly eyes... Carla! [snaps his fingers]
Carla: Give her a break, he's like a male Halle Berry