Jim is all smiles - or at least smirks - in this scene from The Glades. It is from the episode "Shot Girls."
What will this season hold for Jim and Callie on The Glades? "Shot Girls" is the second episode of the show's fourth season.

The Glades Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jim: Change in our celebration dinner?
Callie: I guess tonight is the only night his study group can get together to finish their project.
Jim: Well maybe it is. Or maybe he's not that happy about us getting married and there is nothing to celebrate?
Callie: I don't know. I wish he would talk to me instead avoid me.

Colleen: Congratulations.
Callie: Thank you.
Colleen: You know you're too good for him, right?
Callie: Oh, believe me.
Jim: Right here