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Jeff: I just want to know that this is what you really want, that marrying Jim and leaving Atlanta is really what you want.
Callie: Yes, it's what I want. I want you and me and Jim to be a family.

Jeff: How come Atlanta doesn't matter anymore? How come it's all about getting married?
Callie: It's not all about getting married.
Jeff: Look, I like Jim, ok? He's a good guy. But do you even know what you want? Cuz I'm a little tired of not knowing where we're gonna be or if we're gonna be together.

Jim: We can do anything we want for dinner
Callie: Anything [raises an eyebrow]
Jim: Peaking Palace and a Duck Dynasty Marathon?
Callie: [laughing] You read my mind!

Jim: Change in our celebration dinner?
Callie: I guess tonight is the only night his study group can get together to finish their project.
Jim: Well maybe it is. Or maybe he's not that happy about us getting married and there is nothing to celebrate?
Callie: I don't know. I wish he would talk to me instead avoid me.

Colleen: Congratulations.
Callie: Thank you.
Colleen: You know you're too good for him, right?
Callie: Oh, believe me.
Jim: Right here

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