You're off to jail, Patrick. Bosco punishes this character in the episode "Black Gold and Red Blood."
Bosco is not a fan of Patrick Jane. Similarly, many viewers aren't fans of this new The Mentalist character.
Patrick Jane is in trouble. He really shouldn't have bugged his boss' office.
In this scene from The Mentalist, Patrick gets a visit from Cho. Yes, the former is in jail.
Teresa visits Patrick in jail in the episode "Black Gold and Red Blood." This is an awkward situation for each character.
Yes, you're looking at this photo correctly. Jane is on his way to prison.

The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bosco: There's no rule bending in the CBI. You two guys are good agents, but Jane has corrupted you.
Rigsby: No, he hasn't.
Bosco: So you were ready to bend the rules before he got here?

Escort Deputy: The arresting officer advises protective custody.
Deputy Bulger: Are you a cop or a child rapist?
Jane: Neither.
Deputy Bulger: What do you need protective custody for, then?
Jane: Well, I guess I don't.
Deputy Bulger: Your funeral.