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Lisbon: I don't even need my gun, I can just hit you with my chair.
Jane: I think you'll find it's bolted to the floor.

Jane: I need you to come visit me.
Lisbon: Why? We're busy.
Jane: Please Lisbon? It's really important, I need to see you. Also a blueberry muffin.

Grace. I love you. I've loved you from the first moment I met you. Screw the rules. Screw the CBI. I need you.


Deputy Fisher: (talking about Jane) What's this guy's problem?
Lisbon: That would take way too long to answer.

Minelli: Lisbon, I had a horrible dream. I dreamt that Jane escaped the county jail. I dreamt that the sheriff, the AG and the district super all called to yell at me. Now you're gonna wake me up, yes?
Lisbon: I'm sorry, sir. I have no excuse for him. He is beyond out of line.

Jane: I'm touched that you would risk your career over me. That means a lot to me.
Lisbon: If you're right, and I'm not saying you are, it would mean I broke the trust of somebody I respect and admire for your sake. If it is true, I would hope in the future you'd be a little bit more mature and responsible in your behavior.
Jane: I'm grateful and all that, but let's not go crazy here.
Lisbon: I should have let you rot in jail.

Lisbon: Look, I hope we can get you out of this mess. But it's also true that I do hope that you learn a lesson from this. There are real boundaries in life. These are real prison walls.
Jane: (almost whispering) Only in your mind, Lisbon. Only in your mind.

Bosco: There's no rule bending in the CBI. You two guys are good agents, but Jane has corrupted you.
Rigsby: No, he hasn't.
Bosco: So you were ready to bend the rules before he got here?

Escort Deputy: The arresting officer advises protective custody.
Deputy Bulger: Are you a cop or a child rapist?
Jane: Neither.
Deputy Bulger: What do you need protective custody for, then?
Jane: Well, I guess I don't.
Deputy Bulger: Your funeral.

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