Jane and company get involved in the world of politics in "The Scarlet Letter." That's because a senator's intern winds up dead.
Teresa Lisbon has a lot to balance on season two of The Mentalist. Patrick Jane can be a nuisance; and an ex-lover is now heading the Red John investigation.
Patrick Jane deals with the death of a senator's intern on the episode "The Scarlet Letter." He also tries to learn more about Red John.
The intern of a state senator is found dead on "The Scarlet Letter." The CBI is assigned to the case.

The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Lisbon: How did it go with Bosco?
Jane: Good. It was, uh, it was very good. We had a frank exchange of views.
Lisbon: So he's gonna keep us in the loop?
Jane: No.
Lisbon: No?
Jane: Wouldn't direct me to the bathroom if my ass was on fire.

Jane: Can I please continue working with you?
Lisbon: I thought you were quitting.
Jane: You know I didn't mean that.
Lisbon: So the job is worth wile, is it?
Jane: Uh, it's not that. I mean, it' not that at all. It's just... I have nothing else to do.
Lisbon: No jokes. From now, there have to be boundaries.
Jane: Agreed.
Lisbon: I need to know that you can do your work and be effective without creating a mess that I have to clean up.
Jane: No mess, I swear.
Lisbon: On that basis, you can remain with the unit.
Jane: Thank you.