Homer tells the story to his kids of how he married Marge in a quickie marriage.
Burns sells the Nuclear Powerplant for $100 million to two German businessmen.
Aerosmith guest starred on The Simpsons during the iconic episode, "Flaming Moes."
During Saturdays of Thunder, Homer helps Bart build a terrible soap box racer. Owell, at least he tried.
When Homer feels guilty, he buys Lisa a pony she names Princess.
During Lisa's nightmare, the Simpsons travel to Morocco and buy a monkey paw that grants their wishes... with dire consequences.
Thanks to Lisa and Bart, Krusty the Klown is re-united with his father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski (Jackie Mason).
Homer saves Springfield from a Nuclear Power Plant meltdown by complete accident.

The Simpsons Quotes

Horst: (Sinister) Okay, Mr. Burns, you win. But beware. We Germans aren't all smiles and sunshine.
Mr. Burns: (Sarcastic) Oooh, the Germans are mad at me. I'm so scared! Oooh, the Germans! (Hiding behind Smithers) Uh oh, the Germans are going to get me!
Horst: Stop it!
Man: Stop, sir.
Mr. Burns: Don't let the Germans come after me. Oh no, the Germans are coming after me.
Man: Please stop the "pretending you are scared" game, please.
Horst: Stop it! Stop it!
Mr. Burns: (Pause) No! They're so big and strong!
Man: Stop it.
Horst: Stop it, Mr. Burns.
Man: Please stop pretending you are scared of us, please, now.
Mr. Burns: Oh, protect me from the Germans! The Germans--
Horst: Burns, Stop it!

(Squishing an ice cream to his forehead) I'm a unitard!