Chicago PD

Wednesdays 10:00 PM
Chicago pd
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Chicago Fire's spinoff Chicago PD has premiered its first episode. Grade it!

Chicago PD Cast Pic

Chicago PD was a big dissapointment to me. I find dirty fire cops who play games and get people killed and I see an officer tring to steal from the dead. I love some the cast from Chicago Fire, but even they can't help this show. I told my husband if I'm killed with him around to be sure to get my jewerly.I know this stuff probably happens all the time, but I don't have to watch it on TV.

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Chicago PD Quotes

Man: I don't know where I'm going.
Voight: Just keep driving.

You know, I basically look people in the eye for a living. You have a future beyond this neighborhood D'Anthony, and it's okay to want that. When you start to try to get out, whenever that is, you call me.