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Sergeant Hank Voight is a man embedded in two worlds: good cop and bad cop (as the promotions like to point out).

The initial impressions he gave off were those of the latter, as he did whatever he possibly could to Casey in Chicago Fire to get his son out from under his drunk driving accident.

Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 1 attempted to change this, albeit slowly, as there are still very clear indications that Voight could still be using his status to advantage, but there are times where it's clear that Voight is looking out for his city.

Chicago PD Premiere

Voight’s dealing with D’Anthony are proof enough that he wants to clean up his city, to help the people who want to help themselves. He’s willing to bring D’Anthony out of scary situation, feed him and make sure he gets the help he needs to better his life.

Aside from the opening scene - when Voight forcibly made a man drive himself out of the city and threatened him with the bottom of a river - there was very little reference aside from exchanges of money and small verbal cues about Voight’s darker areas, so his “bad cop” persona was mostly left to his dealings with police bureaucracy.

Voight’s greater moments of darkness are when his people are put in the line of fire for his past.

The moment when petty rivalry and bureaucracy were the reason Willhite is gunned down right next to Antonio was the the moment when everything begins clicking for the show.

It that scene, the series found its heart and soul in much the same way Chicago Fire did: it’s not necessarily about the job or making the arrest, but the people you’re surrounding yourself with. Voight’s team, they all want to be there, and all of them are ready and willing to stand side by side with each other.

What they’ve chosen for themselves is not easy - and it’s incredibly dangerous. The losses are paid in blood and death and the greatest victims of those paid debts are the families that are left behind.

Voight, for all of past mistakes and transgressions, understands these debts innately. He understands the type of job they’re doing and he wants his team completely focused on the job. Anything that requires shades of grey begins and ends with him. It protects their unit and it protects them personally. When that trust is broken is when everything breaks apart and losses are paid.

Now with Antonio’s son in the hands of El Pulpo’s hitmen, things are really going to heat up.

With the Chicago brand, NBC and Dick Wolf have managed to place a new spin on the standard procedural. It’s not about the process of capturing the bad guys or putting out the fires. It’s about the people in these jobs, how they do them and the effects it places on them.

There’s potential here to be one of the season’s best crime dramas if done properly, and Chicago PD is off to a remarkably strong start.

What did you think of Chicago PD’s premiere? Grade it!


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I watched last nights episode (2/5/2014) and was so upset by the scene when the shopkeeper caught the woman stealing the loaf of bread (she said she was trying to feed her son). The Chicago PD wanted him to let it go and if he didn't they were going to ticket him for any violation they could strum up. What was wrong with that woman walking in and being honest with the shopkeeper and explaining her situation to him and asking if there was something she could do to earn that loaf of bread, like sweeping or washing windows, instead of just trying to steal it. I am sure the shopkeeper would of gladly found something for her to do to earn it and been very understanding of her request to help herself. Instead the Chicago PD tried to "SHAME HIM" into feeling like it was all his fault the woman tried to steal. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! This is part of America's problem. I am so upset by this constant crap! Ugh!


I think whichever cop was with Jules when she got shot (don't remember which) is going to be suffering from Survivor's guilt, since if he had been faster, Jules might not have gotten shot in the face.


Wasn't a big fan of Chicago Fire, but this certainly started the season off well. Its also great to see Sophia Bush back on my screen, and i liked the small cameo of Shay & Dawson nearer the end. They were my fav on the CF.


Just caught last nights episode, and two thumbs up. I've been a fan of Chicago Fire since day one, and Dick Wolf and crew has stepped it up here. This is the show they needed to compliment Chicago Fire. Fire is a solid drama, but lacked the excitement a cop show can bring with the car chases and gun fights, and now we have both. Jason Beghe has take Voight to a new level, one that you find yourself rooting for. Well done, hope they can keep the action each week. Also agree, nice seeing the Chicago Fire group in some of the scenes.


I never watched "Chicago fire", I was never interested. But this police drama has potential. Oh, and I'm glad to see Jon Seda got himself a role so soon after "Treme".


this show was so EMOTIONAL


I didn't mean fire cops. I meant cops.


Two chopped off head in the pilot, this show is seems really promising. I hope they can keep up the good work, bring back gritty cop drama.

@ ChuckKW

Not to mention a cop went down after literally taking one in the face. PD looks promising and here's hoping it sees many more seasons.

Sarah silva

This was a great pilot!
I never in a million years would ever have thought I would like Voight and now I kind of do!
How did El Pupol's men find Diego so quickly?
I want to know why Jules was written out of the show, did the actress not get along with the rest of the cast?
It was great seeing some of the Chicago Fire cast.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Alex, that was the same reaction i had. I detested Voight when he was threatening Casey last year, but I think we're going to find out a lot more about what was really going on with that. I found myself rooting for him in the pilot as well.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Rumour is she didn't want to work with Dick Wolf after her short stint on Special Victims Unit. But keyword 'Rumor' it's a shame I kind of liked her and hoped she and Lindsay would become the cop version of Shay and Dawson.


Has anyone else noticed that Sophia Bush kept holding her hands in front of her belly?! Is she pregnant?

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Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

You know, I basically look people in the eye for a living. You have a future beyond this neighborhood D'Anthony, and it's okay to want that. When you start to try to get out, whenever that is, you call me.


Man: I don't know where I'm going.
Voight: Just keep driving.