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Leonard: Alright, get some rest and drink plenty of fluids.
Sheldon: What else would I drink? Solids? Gases? Ionized plasma?
Leonard: Drink whatever you want

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I found it interesting that Sheldon would make that mistake as well. I am also confident that he would point out that you probably meant "brake fluid."


Also, didn't Sheldon once say something like, "Anecdotal evidence says that 72% of the time..." (That wouldn't be anecdotal.)


This is one of the few scientific errors I have spotted in The Big Bang Theory. In physics, the term 'fluids' encompasses any substance that flows under the application of a force - ie. liquids, gases or plasmas - basically anything other than solids. Only in the popular definition is 'fluid' taken as a synonym 'liquid' - eg. 'break fluid', 'bodily fluid' etc. Sheldon would have assumed the scientific definition, rather than considering gases to be something other than a fluid.