She looks like a lot of things, because her face is so wide. She needs three mirrors.

The Doctor

Rupert: He took my bedspread.
The Doctor: Oh, the human race. You're never happy, are ya?

Question -- why do we talk out loud even when we know we're alone. Conjecture -- because we know we're not.

The Doctor

You want to tell me why you paid $2 million to have Sully kill your father?


Mickey: Terry, you're not a criminal. You don't have the stomach for it. Lend me five and I'll give you back ten.
Terry: Fuck you.

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No. Don't be like that. Don't go back inside your shell. It's good to talk to other men about your shit. It's good to open up.


Well, I must admit, the idea of grinding your corn does tickle me but it is not myself I'd be nominating for the position.

Dougal to Claire

Claire: Doesn't it bother you that I'm not a virgin?
Jamie: No, as long as it doesn't bother you that I am.

I run in darkness, Madam. And darkness is where I belong. I need no sympathy and you'll get none from me. One way or another, I will get the truth out of you.

Randall to Claire

I think all they could see was the horror but I could see the beauty. I saw the truth. That boy and I, we were creating a masterpiece. An exquisite, bloody masterpiece.

Randall on beating Jamie

I will break you.

Randall to Jamie

Claire: You captured my likeness.
Randall: You think so? I'm glad. I shall call it ‘Beautiful Lies’

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