Jude: What if I let you down?
Celine: It's okay, I have very low expectations of you.

It's very British chaos, isn't it? Everyone's queuing.


I've always wanted a through-kitchen door.

Jamie's Mom

Ariel: Why are you taking air fresheners?
Rhonda: I don't know, I've never looted before!

I'm honored to meet you, boobmuncher2000.


Gordon Heshman's not doing well. As healers, we fight death every day. That doesn't mean I'm not hoping he dies. Better for Malaya. Maybe you too.

Jesse [to Angus]

You're a good surgeon. But you're not a surgeon at this hospital. No more surgery for you unless you are expressly given privileges.

Ed [to Neal]

The other boy lied, ours told the truth.


How many have to say it's a rape before you care?


I don't care that you're gay. Just be a man, OK, tell the truth.


Anne: Did Evy know you liked boys?
Taylor: No.

If it was a girl you wouldn't care.