I've been gorgeous since birth but I have struck out a few times. Just at a super high level.

Liam Hemsworth

Piggy: I'm telling you this because we're friends: we are no longer friends.

I should just sell my house and move back to Mississippi. Lower taxes, all the mosquitos you can eat; i can make that work.

Fozzie: I knew you wouldn't approve it so I went over your head.
Kermit: I'm the boss.
Fozzie: Oh that's right. So I went behind your back.

Kurt: I really am sorry, Jane.
Jane: Every time we get close to something real, it just slips through my fingers.
Kurt: We have a theory about who you might be. We wanted to wait until we got the DNA results.

Kurt: You're staying here.
Jane: Why?
Kurt: We got it.

You want me to trust you? Start listening to what I say. Earn it.


I'm just starting out and you're just staring over. I would really love it if we could do that together.


I'm taking whatever side makes my mom happy.


Jane: Shouldn't I get one of those.
Kurt: You got one.
Jane: It's attached to the car.

You're going to have sex with Bob's Babcock?


Signed, sealed, delivered. I'm not yours anymore.