This is all my fault.


So now what? We wait for the DNA profile to arrive and hope we're right?


Buzz is a blank screen on which you are telling a compelling story.


Peter: I have had incredible success with new widows.
Sharon: I don't doubt that.

He has friends in jail. Why am I not surprised?


If the baby thing is so important to you, stop talking about it or find someone else to have it with.


In the last decade, that woman hasn't run anywhere but to the toilet.


Sharon: It's your mother.
Rusty: I don't feel like being manipulated today.

Ballistics expert: We have a match. This is the gun that killed your victim.
Tao: Now all we need to do is find out who it belongs to.

After our first trip, we knew that Venice was a tourist trap, but we went anyway.


Tao, get your award and come with me.


Mariana: So I was thinking, you should join S.T.E.M. Club.
Jesus: You're hilarious.
Mariana: No I'm being serious, you should join the robotics team. I think you'd be a great asset: