Rosewood: Nothing is keeping me away from my date with you tomorrow night.
Villa: No, I can't risk it.
Rosewood: So it is a date?
Villa: Damn right it is!

Rosewood: I don't think Eddie died of natural causes. I think he was murdered.
Villa: I'm sorry, what?

Felicity: Well his daughter still lives in this world. He must know that.
Oliver: He knows. He just doesn't care. He's lost all hope.
Diggle: Yeah, just like all of us.

I'm now powered by the deaths of tens of thousands of souls. There's nothing you can do to stop me.

Damien Darhk

Fuck you, you stupid robotic bitch.


Matty: Do you ever shut up?
Sadie: Huh?

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Matty, this is truly inspiring. Why aren't you happy?


Lissa pissed me off so she's getting what she deserves.


War requires sacrifices.


Harry, be sure to wash your hands often... and Bear's paws.


Be careful out there detective. Threat can come from anywhere.


Is Greer too busy to monologue today?