Yeah, I understand why you did everything you did. You were only missing one day, and I would have done anything to find you.


Cisco: Why is it that bad guys always insist on having the creepiest hideouts?
Joe: Because they crazy.

I can't watch you be a human punching bag until he turns into Grandpa Simpson.


Well, hello Doppelganger of mine. What do you know. I can still pull off brunette.

Killer Frost

Joe: And without your speed, there's no way any of us can get through that breech Cisco found at the hospital. I just don't think there's anything any of us can do right now.
Harry: That's right. And that's on you, Al.
Joe: Enough. We're all suffering here.
Harry: That's right, Detective. We're all suffering. We've lost Snow, you've lost your speed and now? Ha. Now Zoom can come through that breech any time he wants. And that, Allen, That's on on you!
Iris: Hey, that's on all of us. We made these decisions as a team.
Harry: No, we didn't.

When you're better, I will hood you and hang you up by those lovely ankles until the truth falls out of you by gravity.


You drink my wine, you steal my woman. Proud of you, Danny.


There is half a psychopath lurking in there, Jonathan. I ant you to find him and stick to him.


Just remember one thing, honey. You're nothing but a dirty whore.

Jed's mom

As long as I'm with you, I'll go anywhere.


I'm Boring Man, except for the contract out on my life.


The victim's not going to get any deader.