Spence Westmore, will you marry me again?


Instead she comes back triumphant, with a black man between her legs.


Well we didn't have a choice when I broke up with my mother.


I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Or Marisol's, those are just ugly.


He's having an affair.


Dana: I'm sorry where does Brandon live?
Mariana: With his married girlfriend and her three year old son.
Stef: Mariana!
Brandon: She's getting a divorce.

Jesus: They can stay in Brandon's room.
Dana: And where would Brandon sleep?
Lena: Jesus!
Jesus: Brandon doesn't live here anymore.

Dana: You are like a foot taller since I last saw you.
Callie: And his voice is like an octave lower.
Jude: No it isn't.
Dana: Oh lord.

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It's hard to worry about our loved ones. We always want to protect them.


You didn't shoot anyone. I didn't die. So don't pull away, okay?


Angela: You know, I remember when she was little, about fivish, I was looking out the kitchen window. She was climbing up this stupid little tree that could barely hold a bird. It was hard, but I made myself stand there, hoping she'd realize it wasn't safe.
Maura: What happened?
Angela: She slipped. Fell about 10 feet. By the time I ran out to the backyard, she was chasing Frankie and Tommy down the side of the house. Am I always gonna be this scared?

Maura: Come on, we have to trust Jane to take care of herself.
Angela: Yeah right.