Toby is a fortunate guy. I know ours isn't a real marriage, but since the day I met you, you've been a faithful friend, you've come through for me when I needed it, you've helped me build Scorpion from nothing - that's loyalty, selflessness, collaboration. If those are the traits one looks for in a spouse, you've been a great wife. Thank you.


I know Toby believes that I only think about myself, but I will do what is necessary to protect your family, even if that means I have to go back home to Ireland.


You are a genius, so you like to solve problems, but pregnant women do not want solutions. Happy wants an errand boy who is a good listener, so for once in your life, Toby, don't be so smart.


Because I'm scared to death, not for me to be a father but for Happy to be a mother! Nurturing, kind, and patient are not the hallmarks of Miss Happy Quinn. I'm going to have to mama bear this cub, and it's not like I know what to do! Maybe I should wax my chest in case the milk comes.


Cabe: You're sending a bird?
Sylvester: Not a bird, a falcon.

What the heck is happening? Guards were drugged unconscious, and now you are stockading people?


Oh, I'm sorry. Is something I'm doing interfering with your life? I wonder how that feels.


Humans need insurance coverage. We're Scorpion. We don't make mistakes.


Maybe a case where no one is shooting at us will take everyone's mind off of things.


Toby: Happy has had morning sickness. I'm having sympathy pains.
Happy: Seriously? You want your stomach to hurt? I can make it hurt for real.

Man, if you think Petra hated being frozen before, now people think she's sleeping with Scott.


Xo: How can you be so self-righteous about this? You told me to get an abortion when I was a teenager.
Alba: And I've regretted it every day since!