Chiyo: If you don't kill him, you're afraid you're going to become him.
Will: Yes

Does he know what you are?


If we keep track of comings and goings, Will Graham is on his way to kill you, while you lie in wait to kill him. Now that's reciprocity.


What is it worth to be known as the man who caught Hannibal Lecter?


Will: Why are you searching for him? What are you hoping to find
Chiyo: I'm not searching for Hannibal. I know exactly where he is.
Will: Is he in Florence?
Chiyo: Yes
Will: Why didn't you tell me you knew?
Chiyo: I told you. Ther are means of influence other than violence. But violence is what you understand.

You can trust me, you know.


Hannibal: How will you feel when I'm gone?
Jack: Alive.

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It would be convenient for me to leave without my dinner.


I knew your heart as a boy, Samson. A little too brave, a little too caring. Tough combination. Hearts don't change. Guard yours. It's a good one.


I'd do it myself, but I'm burned...and apparently not...handsome or some -- I'm a grandma or something.


Theresa: You know I have not set foot inside that school or your classroom. Is there a tour or a parent/teacher conference coming up?
Mrs. Fisher: School is for children, Theresa, not their parents. Your job is to feed them and keep them safe, let us do the rest.

Talent Agent Stan: Why the hell would you become a cop?
Charmain Tully: Because I get to tell gentlemen like yourself that you're standing in a potential crime scene and so I'm going to need you to step away until further notice. And I enjoy that. Nice to meet you, Stan.