Your son is a part of my pack. You will bring him to me and I will raise him. This is not a negotiation, Logan, this is how it's going to be.


Sheldon: [singing] The itsy bitsy spider is not an insect at all. Because it has eight legs and two body parts.
Leonard: That’s pretty cool, Sheldon.
Sheldon: Thank you. Do either of you know Beyonce? I’d love her to get behind it.

Man: Where ya headed?
Malcolm: How do you know I'm headed anywhere?
Man: I'm from nowhere and even I wouldn't say this place is somewhere.

Nick: What happens if we don't find Malcolm?
Jeremy: Then I have to step down, give up my pack and my territory.

Elena don't! He is goading you to kill him!


There's nothing more personal than politics.


Think of the man you wanna be. You sit here and you stare at that wall and you think about that. You're my son. You should be a king, not some fat little pussy.


Fisk: You speak English.
Madame Gao: I speak many languages.
Fisk: How many?
Madame Gao: All of them.

It's people like this that wanna keep you down. Keep you afraid. You have to show 'em that that can never happen. You gotta show 'em that you're a man. Kick him. Don't give me that look like your mother. You do what I tell you. Kick him. Kick him!


Matt: You promised me you weren't gonna kill anyone.
Stick: Yep.
Matt: Then what the hell was that back there?
Stick: The mission.
Matt: That's what your war's come to? Killing children?
Stick: That thing in the container was not a child.

Matt: Look, I don't want you tearing up Hell's Kitchen going after the yakuza.
Stick: Yakuza? You don't know what's going on in your own backyard. The guy that was yappin' with that old man you slapped around, he's pretty high up. He goes by a lot of names. Using Nobu this time around.
Matt: So, Nobu, you want him so bad, why'd you let him get away back in the garage?
Stick: I don't want him. I want what's on the ship he's meeting at the docks tonight.
Matt: Right, Owlsley was talking about that. What's Nobu bringing in? Drugs or something?
Stick: A weapon. They call it Black Sky, the bringer of shadows.

You know, I don't understand why women say you can't have it all. We've got everything worked out.