You should probably kiss the floor now.

Evidence, O’Hara, sometimes comes in handy.

You just suspended the greatest police chief in this city's history

Juliet: You married a felon you helped put in jail.
Lassiter: Come on! Rehabilitated felon. Because the system works. At least I'm not a part-time stripper like McNab!

I've got guts and cellulite. I don't even need a warrant.

You two nimrods still have a lot of explaining to do.

I can't believe I am going to have to assassinate a public official.

What's a matter, Spencer? Your third eye blind?

Hello, Mrs. America. Say hello to mommy....

Step to me and I whip out the enormous piece I have under this robe!

I have one weakness in this life, and he has her.

Guard her with your life. That's not hyperbole!

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You caught me listening to my own music. How utterly Rob Thomas of me.

Curt Smith