Dwight & Whitehead
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Lt. Rice: Sounds like a feud in full force to me.
Whitehead: Or the worst party I've ever been to.

You with your blue blood talk.

Dwight [to Whitehead]

What, like it says on the cards?! That's more idiot talk!

Dwight: We had the bank flag their accounts
Whitehead: We know where Bonnie and Clyde are.

Whitehead:Ma'am you need to put your hands up. Sir, you need to be nicer.
Dwight: Everybody, have a great day.

Dwight: Thanks for opening up to me. I just want you to know, I bet your brains are tasty.
White: I'm going out to the car.

White: People have done crazier things.
Lt. Rice: Name two.

You people didn't buy tickets, move on!

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