Taub: You know he just doesn't want to live in pain.
House: Life is pain! I wake up every morning in pain! Work is pain! You know how many times I just wanted to give up? How many times I've thought about ending it?

Sometimes the truth is that there's nothing any of us can do.

I'll tell you what would be weirder. If you didn't have a sex dream about Chase.

Ohhhh. A metaphor. What you didn't foresee is that I actually do have a sex doll.

House: Short man equals bullied child.
Taub: I was never bullied.
Dr. Adams: Until now.

Who cares if House was callous? Are you going to punish callousness?

[To Foreman] An affair? I never knew you were such a tramp.

Taub: If anarchy breaks out, I plan to do what my ancestors have done throughout the ages: run.

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Taub: [In reference to House suggesting Taub get a paternity test] But they look just like me?
House: But they'll grow.

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