Claire: Are you going to talk to her?
Daniel: I think I need to let her go.

Claire: I have a theory...
Betty: What! No. No.

Wilhelmina: Go ahead and unclench everything. We are good. Well as good as we can be.
Claire: Really?
Wilhelmina: Yes really Claire.

I know you got to Tyler - this has your stink all over it.

What was she thinking?! I've seen actual blueberries look less round.

Clarie: I don't mean to cast doubt on this lovely ceremony but is this legally biding?
Betty: Oh yeah, she was an ordained minister before he decided to become an actress slash model. How perfect is that?
Claire: A mother's dream

Betty: Mrs Meade, did you shop lift?
Claire: It's not shoplifting if you can afford the item but don't have the funds on you
Betty: Wait, what? I think that is shoplifting

Claire: I spent the entire time being groped by perverts in Montmarte
Betty: Oh, I'm sorry
Claire: Why? The French still appreciate something finely aged

Claire: ...and your weakness for having sex in public places
Daniel: That was only one time... and that wasn't a public place... until they moved the truck

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