Warehouse 13

Mondays 10:00 PM on SyFy
Warehouse 13
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We still use stealth, just use really, really fast stealth.

Told you I was Laverne! Such a Laverne move! Come on Shirley!

Soldier: Damn Trekkies, always crashing the party pretending they're time travelers.
Claudia: What a nerd.

I'm not chasing you. I'm falling to my death.

[To Artie] Good God, where did you come from?

Aw, it's like watching Golden Gossip Girls.

Claudia: I'm coming with you.
Artie: Why? No, why?
Claudia: A hospital Artie. There's going to be blood. When you faint someone needs to be there to break your fall.

Claudia: What's that smell?
Artie: I don't smell anything.
Claudia: Exactly, you're primped. You're going to see Dr. Vanessa.

The good kind of spying. Like here have some flowers, and a puppy, and some spying.

You know, I've never had a gay friend before. Which is weird, if you think about it I'm sort of fabulous, right? I mean, I guess there was Paquito at the institution, but he was one of Susan's personalities. So I don't think he really counts.

Claudia: I'm not trained like you guys. I'm not Secret Service, or ATF, or NSA, or M-O-U-S-E. I'm not a real agent.
Steve: You're real. You're also lying.
Claudia: What? No, no I have no training.
Steve: No, not about the training, about caring about the training. Artie. You wanna impress him.
Claudia. Yes, yes Angela Lansbury, you've solved the mystery! Yeah, I wanna make him proud. You don't know how good to me he's been. I can't let him down.

Aren't you a Buddhist or something? Try being one with the universe for like a minute.

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