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Divya: Are you firing Hank?
Shelby: Let me explain.
Divya: Don't. This conversation just ended.

Jeremiah: Unless he thought he could count on me to give him what he wanted without asking questions.
Divya: Jeremiah, you cannot blame yourself.

Back to helping patients just like the super doctor you are.

Evan: Your mom is actually here.
Divya: Why wouldn't she be?
Evan: Because it's my birthday....

Nothing grandiose about that...

Whoever this is, this baby, is making me better. Challenging me.

Just be prepared and be the best candidate. Or at least be prepared.

Divya: Podia, from the Latin.
Evan: Podiums, from the Office Depot.

Divya: You are the underdog.
Evan: That's not good, Divya.

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