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Peggy: Why don't you talk to Joan and get rid of [Mrs. Blankenship]?
Don: No. Joan knew exactly what I needed, and made sure that I got it.

Don: I wouldn't be good company anyway.
Roger: That's never bothered me before.

Peggy: Should it be funny?
Don: Actually funny? Maybe. Funny like what I just saw? No.

Don: I don't like Joe Namath. He hasn't even played in a professional game yet.
Peggy: He's very handsome.

Don: Do you got anything on Vicl's?
Peggy: Actually it's Vick. Vick Chemical.
Don: Answer the question.

Danny: You know what they say: aspiration's as good as perspiration.
Don: That's not how it goes.

Sally: What's her name?
Don: Bethany.
Sally: I don't like that.

Freddy: Can you imagine? Your financial future is in the hands of a room full of 22 year old girls.
Don: Not mine.

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