Evan: I can't even comprehend it. How does a guy just walk out on people like that?
Hank: Practice.

Me and my underdog sperm will by right here when you get back, screening the movie Rudy for inspiration.

This hospital is non-partisan, Paige. We kiss all VIP asses equally.

Paige: I know you won't be saying things like that if I ever get pregnant.
Evan: When you get pregnant.

That's what family is---people you depend on when you run out of options.

Nothing feels worse than disappointing family. Trust me, I have been doing it to Hank for years.

We should probably be more concerned about Emma right now.

No hits on our Facebook, Twitter and instagram accounts.

You know what? I feel like sometimes you're not listening to me.

I am done. Goodbye, Ray.

Those snarks are about to get harpooned. Up high!

You know she adores you, right?

Royal Pains Quotes

There's no way he's a super anything.


Divya: I'm not worried about finding something fancy. I am worried about finding something I can fit in to.
Evan: I actually have an old camping tent you can borrow if you like.